Watermelon Coloring Pages for Kids (14 Printable PDFs)

Watermelon is the fruit of the Summers! It is the perfect summer snack. And since everybody loves watermelon, this refreshing watermelon coloring book is a perfect activity to enjoy together!

This amazing collection of watermelon coloring pages contains 14 simple and detailed watermelon drawings with exciting backgrounds. So, let’s begin the fruity and refreshing journey!

Unique Watermelon Coloring Pages and Book for Kids

1. Easy Watermelon Coloring Page

Easy Watermelon Coloring Page

A simple watermelon drawing is a perfect place to start coloring this collection! Try to color within the lines, and this drawing will look amazing!

2. Watermelon Slices Drawing

Watermelon Slices Drawing

Nobody can resist savoring these delicious and juicy watermelon slices, right? And trust us, these slices will look even yummier when colored!

So, grab your colors and fill this simple watermelon slices illustration now!

3. Half Eaten Watermelon

Half Eaten Watermelon

Someone took a few bites of this big watermelon slice! But they forgot to color it! So, let us do that and brighten up this watermelon drawing! You know what colors you need, right?

4. Cute Watermelon Coloring Page

Cute Watermelon Coloring Page

Look! The Watermelon army is parading their way to their game! Would you like to join them? Let’s do it! But don’t forget to bring your colors to fill them with more joy and colors!

5. Mr. Watermelon Riding a Bicycle

Mr. Watermelon Riding a Bicycle

Mr. Watermelon is riding his bike home from work. Gather your coloring supplies and color him in before he disappears from the drawing!

6. Detailed Watermelon Coloring Page

Detailed Watermelon Coloring Page

It’s now time to color a detailed watermelon drawing! This coloring sheet contains fine details that will test your coloring skills and strokes. So relax and enjoy the ride since this drawing may take some time!

7. Watermelons Coloring Page

Watermelons Coloring Page

Look at these two big watermelons! Looks like someone came for a picnic on a wonderful summer day! But don’t these watermelons look boring? Let’s add some color and flavor to them!

8. Detailed Summer Watermelon Coloring Page

Detailed Summer Watermelon Coloring Page

Here’s a realistic drawing of fresh watermelon hanging from a tree branch for you to paint! So, what colors would you use for this intricate drawing?

9. Kid Eating Watermelon

Kid Eating Watermelon

This kid loves watermelon just as much as you do! But perhaps he can’t color! So, why don’t you help him in coloring this beautiful drawing?

You can even add more elements to the background! Do you have any ideas?

10. Easy Watermelon Coloring Sheet

Easy Watermelon Coloring Sheet

This cute mouse is trying to eat the whole watermelon slice at once! This is a perfect simple drawing to do some relaxed coloring after all the detailed drawings!

11. Cartoon Watermelon Slice Drawing

Cartoon Watermelon Slice Drawing

Look at this handsome watermelon slice, ready to go outside! Are you ready to use your colors to make him more vibrant and attractive? Let’s do it!

12. Watermelon and Juice Drawing

Watermelon and Juice Drawing

Would you want to taste this refreshing watermelon juice? It’s delicious. But hold on! Why not start with coloring this nice watermelon drawing in bright colors? It won’t be long!

13. Watermelon Slices with Fruits on Plate

Watermelon Slices with Fruits on Plate

Among all the fruits on this plate, the watermelon is the biggest! This fruit drawing is a perfect treat for kids in summer!

So, what are you waiting for? Grab as many colors as you like and fill in this unique coloring sheet!

14. Watermelon in a Basket

Watermelon in a Basket

Here’s a fantastic drawing to cap off this incredible fruity journey! Apart from Watermelon, it has many other fruits to color!

So you can now use all the colors you couldn’t before! Let’s make this the finest coloring page ever!

Download the Complete Watermelon Coloring Book PDF

Your kids will surely like this fantastic selection of watermelon coloring sheets and will want more after each drawing! So, download this free watermelon coloring book for their uninterrupted fun!

Watermelon Coloring Pages

We hope this collection of watermelon fruit coloring pages was a fun activity for kids to do in their spare time! If you’re looking for more unique fruit illustrations, grab our Lemon and Avocado coloring book right away!