Avocado Coloring Pages for Kids (12 Printable PDFs)

Kids might make faces with vegetables and other fruits, but they cannot say no to avocados. Avocado is not a fruit; it’s an expression.

Avocados can be paired with any food or flavor to make it tastier. Its creamy, chunky texture with its light sweet taste and naturally nutty flavor is a treat to your taste palate.

So we have brought this simple yet wholesome collection of 12 avocado coloring pages. After coloring this book, your kids will love avocados even more. So, let’s dig right into this Avocado Coloring Book!

1. Avocado Hanging from the Tree

Avocado Hanging from the Tree

This avocado looks so delicious, just hanging from a branch. It makes you want to snatch and start eating it right away, doesn’t it?

But wait! You can make it more delicious by coloring it and all the leaves with different shades of green! Do you have some other ideas? Let’s try those as well.

2. Easy Avocado Coloring Page for Kids

Easy Avocado Coloring Page for Kids

Here is a simple drawing of avocados for you. Are these ripe or not? Ripe avocados have a creamy golden texture, with a dark green or black shell.

So, color these avocados however you like yours.

3. A Cartoon Avocado Drawing

A Cartoon Avocado Drawing

Here is a warm, happy cartoon avocado dancing and having fun on stage. You can add more props and colors to the stage; so that this avocado and the audience can have a blast.

They are ready with the music; are you ready with your colors? Then start coloring!

4. An Avocado Cut in Half

An Avocado Cut in Half

It looks like somebody wants to eat avocados on their picnic! Maybe they’ll make sandwiches. But you don’t need to wait till then to color this picture.

And if you find this too easy, you can draw and add other elements to the picture. Hurry up, and start coloring!

5. Guacamole & Avocado Coloring Page

Guacamole & Avocado Coloring Page

Do you feel like snacking? Here is a sliced Avocado with Guacamole! But hey! Why not color this drawing first?

You can also draw more of your favorite snacks on that empty plate! So, get your colors, and let’s start this coloring feast until your next meal.

6. Sliced Avocado Coloring Page

Sliced Avocado Coloring Page

Sliced avocado, a knife, and some chairs; filling this coloring sheet will be a piece of cake for you. So, what colors do you have in mind; to bring this drawing to life? Let’s see what you will do!

7. Cute Avocados on a Walk

Cute Avocados on a Walk

Here is a cute pair of avocados, out on a morning walk on your breakfast table among your toast and scrambled eggs.

Don’t you think they will look more adorable with a little helping of your colors? Let’s begin!

8. Avocado Toast Coloring Page

Avocado Toast Coloring Page

Here is an avocado toast. Look how beautifully sliced pieces of avocado are placed on the toast. It would look even more mouth-watering if you sprinkled some colors over this picture. So, let’s fill in the colors.

9. Cartoon Avocado Coloring Page

Cartoon Avocado Coloring Page

It looks like somebody had their breakfast! This avocado looks full of energy while skipping rope on the table with books and a basket of chips beside him.

Let’s boost his energy by adding some colors to this cute avocado! So take out your colors, and start doodling.

10. Avocado Pits and Slices

Avocado Pits and Slices

Here is a simple drawing of some sliced avocados and avocado pits for you to color. Do you know what color the pits are? They are light brown.

You can add other fruits to the basket and plate. But why not color this simple avocado coloring sheet first?

11. Detailed Avocado Coloring Page

Detailed Avocado Coloring Page

Here is a detailed avocado drawing. Both slices and the whole fruit are shelled, something to remember as you color.

This illustration has wide spaces as well as some fine details so that you can color freely. Happy coloring!

12. Avocado Slices and Dip

Avocado Slices and Dip

You must be a little tired from all the coloring. So, here is a simple bowl of Guacamole and some avocado slices for you to color and refresh.

And don’t hold back. You can use any color you have not yet had a chance to use!

Download the Free Avocado Coloring Book for Kids

These Avocado coloring pages are completely free. So, you can download and print them separately, or you can download the entire avocado coloring book pdf for more convenience and a load of fun.

Avocado Coloring Pages

We hope that you kids can savor these avocado coloring pages that are simple but equally engaging.

After completing this collection, your kids are sure to ask for more challenging and adorable coloring pages. So surprise them with our other coloring pages; they will love it!