Hamburger Coloring Pages and Book (13 Printable PDFs)

Hamburgers are one of the most popular fast food staples among children. And not just kids but also adults enjoy burgers. So, this beautiful hamburger coloring book will be a treat for all burger lovers!

You’ll find 13 amazing printable hamburger pictures in this exciting coloring book, ranging from simple illustrations to highly detailed artwork. So, this treat is perfect for kids of all ages.

Best Hamburger Coloring Pages Collection for Kids

1. Easy Hamburger Coloring Page

Easy Hamburger Coloring Page

Look at this delicious burger waiting for some color! Do you know what else is in the burger besides ham? Then use the colors to fill in all of the ingredients! Let’s begin the fun!

2. Realistic Burger Drawing

Realistic Burger Drawing

Burgers aren’t complete without french fries, right? So, in this illustration, there’s a delicious hamburger served with hot fries. Doesn’t it make you want to paint it right away?

3. Cute Hamburger Coloring Page

Cute Hamburger Coloring Page

Look at this cute li’l hamburger dancing with joy. Someone took a bite off him, but he’s still happy! Let’s cheer him up with some bright colors! So, what do you have in store for him?

4. A Happy Meal Coloring Page

A Happy Meal Coloring Page

Just looking at this black-and-white Hamburger drawing makes your mouth water. Imagine how delicious it would look with colors! Let’s not guess; simply color it to see!

5. Burger and Beverage

Burger and Beverage

What do you like to drink with your hamburger? You can turn this burger and beverage into your favorites using magical colors.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab your coloring supplies and get ready to color!

6. Hamburger Combo Drawing

Hamburger Combo Drawing

What else could we want but your favorite hamburgers and a delicious cupcake? But there’s one thing we’re missing: colors! So, use your imagination to make this coloring page as vibrant as possible! You can also draw more food items if you like!

7. Hamburgers Coloring Page

Hamburgers Coloring Page

How many hamburgers are too many? Here are three different types of hamburgers, along with sizzling finger chips for you to color! There’s also a ketchup pack; don’t forget to color it.

8. Printable Detailed Hamburger Coloring Page

Printable Detailed Hamburger Coloring Page

What could be better than a pizza slice served with a delicious hamburger? Nothing, right? So, use your magical colors to make the best hamburger drawing imaginable! Are your colors prepared?

9. Preschool Hamburger Drawing

Preschool Hamburger Drawing

If you’ve ever wondered what goes into a hamburger, this drawing is for you! Too many ingredients, right? There’s onion, tomatoes, half-fried egg, cheese, lettuce, and, of course, ham!

You can also write the ingredients’ names on the left or right side of the coloring sheet. But for now, let’s focus on coloring this fascinating drawing!

10. Hamburger Meal with Cold Drink

Hamburger Meal with Cold Drink

Someone ordered a whole and delectable supper: a hamburger, hot dog, cheese dip, and a soft drink! The only thing lacking is some colors!

So, take the lead and fill this coloring sheet with all of the needed vibrant colors right away!

11. Simple Hamburger Coloring Page for Kids

Simple Hamburger Coloring Page for Kids

For kids, here’s a simple drawing of three different and delicious hamburgers with no background! You can focus purely on coloring the hamburgers! So, let’s get started coloring!

12. Hamburger Parade!

Hamburger Parade!

This adorable hamburger is taking part in a parade! All hail Hamburger! We already do it, don’t we? But let’s make its parade more lively with some colors!

13. Hamburger on the Tray

Hamburger on the Tray

Here’s a tasty burger combo ready for pickup! But it looks like the chef forgot to add color! Nothing to worry about; you can easily add colors, right? So, get out your coloring supplies and do it now!

Download the Complete Hamburger Coloring Book PDF

If your kids love fun and creative activities, get them the entire exciting hamburger coloring book for hours of entertainment! Simply download it, print it, and you’re done!

Hamburger Coloring Pages

This hamburger coloring book is a fantastic way to get your kids involved in a learning activity that will help them improve their motor and color recognition abilities. If you need more amazing illustrations, get our watermelon coloring book today!