Donut Coloring Pages with Book (16 Printable PDFs)

Donuts are easily one of the people’s most favorite desserts! Donuts aren’t just a delectable treat; they’re also a visual treat with so many lovely toppings!

And today, we’re going to double this treat with this fantastic collection of free printable donut coloring pages! It has 16 awesome donut drawings that range from simple to realistic and will make you want to buy and eat a donut right away!

Latest Donut Coloring Pages and Book PDF for Kids

1. Easy Donut Coloring Page

Easy Donut Coloring Page

Let’s begin with a simple, amazing drawing of a fluffy, creamy donut! And it’s not just one; there are more donuts in the packet! So, grab your colors and color this drawing now!

2. Donut with Cream

Donut with Cream

Don’t you already want to have a donut? We’re sure you do! And you surely can! But before you go out, complete this simple and clean donut drawing! It won’t take much time!

3. Detailed Donut Coloring Page

Detailed Donut Coloring Page

Look! Somebody took a bite off these donuts! Maybe they went to get some ice cream. So, before they’re back, let’s add some colors to these yummy donuts! Are you ready?

4. Cute Donut Coloring Page

Cute Donut Coloring Page

Donuts aren’t just delicious; they’re cute too! This adorable donut met his friend cupcake while passing by! Interesting, right?

You can make this drawing more fun using vibrant colors like orange, hot pink, green, red, yellow, blue, brown, and purple. What do you think?

5. Donut Coloring Sheet

Donut Coloring Sheet

A donut and a cake; what else would you need after this mouthwatering dessert? But yes, one thing is missing; colors! So, let’s add more flavors to this drawing with bright colors!

6. Preschool Donut Drawing

Preschool Donut Drawing

Wow! Five donuts with different flavors and toppings! You are going to need a lot of colors for this easy coloring page! So, which flavors and colors would you use?

7. Donuts and Coffee

Donuts and Coffee

This fantastic, realistic drawing of donuts and a cup of coffee is perfect for kids who like realistic painting. You can use light and dark shades of different colors to give this drawing a 3-D effect!

8. Cool Donut Cartoon

Cool Donut Cartoon

Look at this cool donut walking in style carrying his favorite pillow! Maybe he’s off to bed. But before he hides under the sheet, color him bright now!

9. Sprinkle Donut Coloring Page

Sprinkle Donut Coloring Page

Here is another simple drawing of yummy donuts with lots of sprinkles! You must use different bright and light colors for the sprinkles to make them shine out!

10. Big Donut on Plate

Big Donut on Plate

That is a big donut right there with pretty star-shaped toppings! Let’s make this a strawberry donut with chocolate sprinkles and stars! Or do you have something else in mind?

11. Pile of Donuts

Pile of Donuts

How many donuts are too many donuts? Well, you may need to count while eating, as too many donuts can make your tummy sick. But here, you can color as many donuts as you like! So, get your coloring kit and start right away!

12. A Tray Full of Donuts

A Tray Full of Donuts

This detailed and realistic donut coloring page shows a whole tray full of donuts! Mouthwatering, right? Let’s make this drawing more delectable by sprinkling some bright colors!

13. Donut Friends

Donut Friends

This donut is getting some pictures clicked with his best friend coffee! What an interesting scene! Add more zing to this cute donut coloring page by adding bright and happy colors! So, are your colors ready?

14. Boy Eating Donut

Boy Eating Donut

Like you, this boy loves donuts a lot! He even bought one with heart-shaped sprinkles on it! Let’s make this cute drawing cuter! What colors do you think would look the best for this?

15. Donuts Coloring Page for Kids

Donuts Coloring Page for Kids

Another fantastic drawing of four yummy donuts with different flavors and toppings. You can pick any one of these to eat, but for coloring, you can go all out and color all of them!

16. Cartoon Donut Drawing

Cartoon Donut Drawing

Look at this happy donut running on the road! Is he a chocolate donut or a vanilla or strawberry donut? Well, you can make him whatever you want with your colors! So, let’s color!

Download the Full Donut Coloring Book PDF

It’s impossible to keep kids away from something they enjoy. That will be the case with your children and these amazing donut drawings. So give them this entire, high-quality donut coloring book, including all 16 coloring pages, and let them have fun!

So, we hope you and your children enjoy this fun activity with this incredible donut coloring book. For more interesting food drawings for your kids, get your hands on Cupcakes, Hamburger, and Cute Food Coloring Books now!