Cupcake Coloring Pages with Book (Printable PDFs 2022)

Who doesn’t love cupcakes? Be it, kids or adults, it’s easily one of people’s favorite desserts. So, today we brought a beautiful cupcake coloring book for all the cupcake lovers!

You can find 15 fantastic cupcake drawings with ranging details and backgrounds. Every drawing will speak to kids and engage them in this fun activity! So, let’s begin!

Best Printable Cupcakes Coloring Pages for Kids

1. Simple Cupcake Coloring Page

Simple Cupcake Coloring Page

A cherry cupcake and candies! Aren’t these your favorite? We know they are! So, you can color them however you like using colored pencils, sketches, or crayons! The choice is yours!

2. Cupcake and Donut Drawing 

Cupcake and Donut Drawing

What’s better than candies? Of course, a donut! This drawing looks so delicious, even without colors! We can imagine how colorful you can make this right away! So, let’s color now!

3. Detailed Cupcake Coloring Page

Detailed Cupcake Coloring Page

Look at these beautiful cupcakes covered with cream and cherry! You can turn these cupcakes into your favorite flavors using colors! So, which cupcakes would you like to make?

4. Cute Cupcake Coloring Page

Cute Cupcake Coloring Page

This adorable cupcake is out on a walk! Look how happy he is! Let’s make him happier by adding colors to this cartoon cupcake coloring page! You can use bright colors like red, yellow, pink, orange, green, and blue for this cute cupcake.

5. Preschool Cupcake Coloring Page

Preschool Cupcake Coloring Page

It’s time to reveal! Which cupcake do you like the most? Here are 4 different kinds of cupcakes, and you can color all of them with your favorite colors! This drawing is perfect for toddlers to start coloring and drawing!

6. Strawberry Cupcake Drawing

Strawberry Cupcake Drawing

Who wants a creamy strawberry cupcake? You? Okay, but how about you color this first? It’s an easy cupcake coloring page, so you can finish it quickly! Shall we begin?

7. Half Eaten Cupcake

Half Eaten Cupcake

Look! Somebody took a huge bite off the cupcake! While they are busy savoring other delicacies, let’s color this amazing drawing of a cupcake and a piece of cake! Use your favorite colors to make your favorite cupcakes!

8. Cupcake Tower Drawing

Cupcake Tower Drawing

Have you ever seen a tower made of cupcakes? No, right? So, here is a detailed drawing of a cupcake tower for you to see and color! You can choose different colors for all three cupcakes to give them unique flavors! What do you think?

9. Kawaii Cupcake Coloring Page

Kawaii Cupcake Coloring Page

Here is a cute Kawaii Cupcake drawing for you! Pick all the bold and bright colors from your coloring kit and make this the cutest cupcake drawing ever!

10. Frosty Cupcake with Cake 

Frosty Cupcake with Cake

A frosty cupcake served with a fruit cake; what a dessert! This simple drawing will look superb with some lively and bold colors like yellow, red, pink, peach, purple, orange, cream, etc. So, have you got your colors ready?

11. Monkey Eating Cupcake

Monkey Eating Cupcake

So, it’s not just you who LOVES cupcakes; this monkey does too! And he’s happy to have a frosty cupcake. But you can make him happier by splashing some vibrant colors on him. So, are you ready?

12. Detailed Cupcakes Illustration

Detailed Cupcakes Illustration

Oh! This drawing looks very dynamic, right? But don’t worry! You can color easily with slow and steady strokes. You can use colored pencils or pens to reach into the tiny details of this drawing! What do you think?

13. Lady Eating a Cupcake

Lady Eating a Cupcake

This lady is enjoying a tasty cupcake! But it’s missing some colors! So, get this cupcake coloring sheet printed now, and add some bright colors to the cupcake and the lady!

14. Cupcakes Coloring Page

Cupcakes Coloring Page

How many cupcakes are too many cupcakes? Well, here is a tray full of a variety of cupcakes, and you can have or color as many as you like; you can color all of them too! So, have you decided on the colors and the flavors?

15. Realistic Cupcake Coloring Page

Realistic Cupcake Coloring Page

To end this collection, here is a lovely drawing of two delicious cupcakes with many flavors as well as details to color! But we’re sure you will turn this into a gorgeous color drawing with your magical colors!

Get the Full Cupcake Coloring Book PDF

Don’t make your kids hold back! Surprise them with the complete high-quality cupcake coloring book, so they can color as many drawings as they like! It’s one of the best ways to get them to use their creativity!

So, we hope this exciting collection of printable cupcake coloring pages serves your kids well and allows them to explore their imagination. If you want to entertain them with more similar coloring pages, get our Cute Food and Hamburger Coloring Books now!