Butterflies and Flowers Coloring Pages (14 Printable PDFs)

Butterflies are as lovely as flowers. When a colorful butterfly is perched on a colorful flower, it’s difficult to trace it! But children, with such sharp eyes, would still strive to catch the butterfly anyway!

This incredible collection of printable butterflies and flower coloring pages has nicely captured the butterflies sitting and dancing around the flowers! This book contains 13 stunning butterfly and flower drawings with varying amounts of detail for children of all ages!

Latest Butterflies and Flowers Coloring Pages

1. Simple Butterfly and Flower Coloring Page

Simple Butterfly and Flower Coloring Page

Here’s a simple drawing of a butterfly landing on a flower! You can use any color you want for the flower and the lovely butterfly! For beginners, this is a good place to start with fewer details.

2. Butterfly on a Sunflower

Butterfly on a Sunflower

Take a look at those big sunflowers and the tiny butterfly! This drawing asks for some vibrant colors! You can also add extra miniature butterflies and flowers in the back! But first, let’s color the image!

3. Cute Butterfly Coloring Page

Cute Butterfly Coloring Page

This unique drawing features a cute and pretty butterfly flying above the flowers! This butterfly coloring page will look best with bright colors like yellow, orange, red, blue, green, and so on. For the butterfly, you may also use a touch of black!

4. Butterfly on the Houseplants

Butterfly on the Houseplants

What could be more joyful than a butterfly flying through the window and landing on your lovely houseplants? This coloring sheet includes a lot of details, so you’ll need some time and excellent colors to finish it!

5. Flowers and Butterflies Drawing

Flowers and Butterflies Drawing

This painting shows a gorgeous butterfly surrounded by flowers. You can make the butterfly and flowers stand out by using different colorful colors! So, what do you think?

6. Cartoon Butterfly Coloring Page

Cartoon Butterfly Coloring Page

This cartoon butterfly perched on a flower is perfect for young preschoolers. The large areas and simple outlines will allow them to color this drawing with their clumsy strokes freely!

7. Easy Flower and Butterfly Drawing for Kids

Easy Flower and Butterfly Drawing for Kids

Another simple and clean sketch of a gorgeous butterfly flying above the flowers! You can color the butterfly and flower coloring page using colorful pens, pencils, or crayons. By the way, do you know what kind of flowers these are?

8. Detailed Butterfly and Flowers Coloring Page

Detailed Butterfly and Flowers Coloring Page

Let’s step up and color this highly detailed coloring page showing butterflies flying happily in the garden. This drawing will need lots of colors and patience. So, are you ready?

9. Butterfly and Flower Illustration

Butterfly and Flower Illustration

This drawing shows butterflies with different patterns flying around flowers in a lake. Isn’t it creative? It’s now up to you to use your imagination to paint this drawing in vibrant and bold colors!

10. Detailed Butterfly and Flower Mandala Drawing

Detailed Butterfly and Flower Mandala Drawing

Doesn’t this look amazing? This is a beautiful mandala butterfly and flower artwork! It includes a lot of minute details, so color carefully! You can do this with pencil colors! Do you have other ideas?

11. Butterflies in the Garden

Butterflies in the Garden

These butterflies are having a great time flying around the table’s flowers! You can make their day even brighter and more colorful by using bright and cheery colors!

12. Butterflies on Hanging Plants

Butterflies on Hanging Plants

This detailed drawing shows some gorgeous and colorful butterflies fluttering around some lovely hanging plants! For the plants, you’ll need a lot of green, as well as some bright colors like red, orange, pink, and yellow for the butterflies!

13. Butterflies in the Flower Shop

Butterflies in the Flower Shop

These butterflies are visiting a flower shop! There are multiple kinds of flowers here, but one thing is missing: colors!

You can use vibrant colors for the flowers and insects while painting the shop in neutral tones like gray and brown! What are your thoughts?

Download Butterflies and Flowers Coloring Book

If you want to give your kids a chance to express themselves freely, get them this printable butterflies and flowers coloring book right away!

Butterflies and Flowers Coloring Pages

If your kids love butterflies, flowers, and gardens, this coloring book is a must-have for them. It will also help them improve their motor skills and intellect. And if you need more exciting drawings, explore our Blue Jay and Hammerhead Shark Coloring Books now!