12 Free Printable Blue Jay Coloring Pages (PDFs Download)

If you have seen a bird singing and being noisy, there are high chances that it is a blue jay! This beautiful and intelligent songbird found in North America has beautiful blue and gray feathers. They are so adorable that kids instantly become friends with blue jays!

So, if you’re fond of a colorful bird, like a blue jay, this collection of blue jay coloring pages is just what you need. We bring you high-quality drawings ranging from simple blue jay cartoons for toddlers to detailed coloring pages for teens. So, gather your colors and let’s get started!

1. Blue Jay Looking at You

Blue Jay Looking at You

Did you see it? The adorable and innocent songbird is looking at you. Do you want to be friends with her? If yes, go ahead and paint your friend blue jay with all bright and pastel colors.

2. Cartoon Blue Jay Catching a Butterfly

Blue Jay Catching a Butterfly

This adorable blue jay is singing and running to catch a cute butterfly. But one thing is missing, the colors! So, grab your crayons, and color the pretty blue jay! And don’t forget to color the butterfly!

3. Easy Blue Jay Coloring Page

Easy Blue Jay Coloring Page

This blue jay is keenly looking to hunt something. What would it be – a caterpillar or a beetle? Let’s leave it to her and have fun coloring this simple blue jay drawing.

4. Blue Jay Flying Off

Cute Blue Jay Flying Off

Look, the cute blue jay is flying off somewhere. Can you color this bird? And which color do you want the sky to be? But, hey! Do not forget to color the beautiful branches and clouds.

5. The Dancing Blue Jay Coloring Page

The Dancing Blue Jay Coloring Page

This blue jay looks like a dancing rockstar, doesn’t it? So why not dress it perfectly for a party? Let’s choose bright colors like red or yellow, and of course, blue. Do you have some other ideas?

6. Blue Jay – ‘The DJ’

Blue Jay - The DJ

It looks like the party isn’t over yet, and your blue jay has become a DJ. Though you cannot go to the party, you can definitely tune into music and color this adorable blue jay coloring page.

7. Blue Jay Friends

Blue Jay Friends Coloring Page

What’s better than playing with your friends, right? This blue jay also seems to enjoy it with her friends. So let’s spend time with them and coloring all three blue jay birds.

8. Mommy Blue Jay Coloring Sheet

Mommy Blue Jay Coloring Sheet

This realistic drawing of mommy blue jay looking after her tiny cute eggs is best for kids of all ages. Simply take your favorite types of colors and paint this drawing with neat strokes.

9. Blue Jay Feeding Little Ones

Blue Jay Feeding Little Ones

The blue jay’s eggs are finally hatched, and you can see her feeding the caterpillar to those little blue jays. So, get your colored pencils and neatly color the tiny details of this detailed blue jay coloring page.

10. Blue Jay About to Fly

Blue Jay About to Fly

The blue jay is ready to soar high in the sky. But isn’t the white sky too dull? So, let’s color it! And then color the branch and, of course, your fierce blue jay.

11. Blue Jay in the Air

Blue Jay in the Air

The blue jay is flying in the air. Now, let’s see how creatively you can use various blue and gray shades to color the realistic wings of this blue jay.

12. Blue Jay Meeting a Friend

Blue Jay Meeting a Friend

The blue jay just showed up to meet her friend. Isn’t it beautiful? But this drawing will look more fascinating with colors. So, grab your colored pencils or pens and unleash your inner artist! Just remember to color within the lines.

Download the Blue Jay Coloring Book PDF for Free

This fantastic collection of blue jay coloring pages is available for kids as single coloring sheets and a complete coloring book. You can download the complete high-quality blue jay coloring book here.

Blue Jay Coloring Pages

This exciting blue jay coloring page set will let kids use their creativity and imagination to express themselves by coloring and to learn something new each time. You can go for single coloring sheets for practice or go all out and get the complete coloring book and have fun!

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