Bat Coloring Pages With Book (12 Printable PDFs)

Did you know that bats are mammals, not birds? Oh, yes! That is why they are fascinating creatures. And their rare ability to dangle upside down from the tree adds to their fascination.

This latest collection of bat coloring pages includes 12 stunning bat drawings ranging from basic cartoon drawings to very detailed and realistic illustrations. This coloring book is an excellent activity for children of all ages.

New Bat Coloring Pages and Book PDF

1. Easy Bats Coloring Page

Easy Bats Coloring Page

This bat coloring page shows two bats flying across the sky! You can use dark colors like dark blue, gray, and black for the bats and blue for the sky. Don’t forget to paint the tree branches!

2. Realistic Bat Coloring Page

Realistic Bat Coloring Page

Here’s a realistic illustration of a bat hanging on a tree branch! To color it easily, turn the printed coloring sheet upside down. You can use bright colors for the bat, but what would you use for the background?

3. Detailed Bats Drawing

Detailed Bats Drawing

Take a look at these bats hanging upside down from a tree! Maybe they’re about to fall asleep! So, take your crayons and start coloring this amazing artwork right away!

4. Cute Bat Coloring Page

Cute Bat Coloring Page

Who says bats are dangerous? Look at this adorable bat, who has his wings wrapped around him like a blanket! For this cartoon sketch, you can use vibrant colors like red, yellow, purple, pink, and orange! What do you think?

5. Scary Bat Drawing

Scary Bat Drawing

Have you ever seen a bat up close before? No, right? So, here’s a fantastic close-up drawing for you to color! Which bold colors will you use to complete this realistic drawing?

6. Easy Bat Illustration

Easy Bat Illustration

This bat has some speed! And this drawing has some wide spaces that you can easily paint! You could use crayons, colored pencils, or watercolor paints for this one!

7. Halloween Bat Coloring Page

Halloween Bat Coloring Page

Here’s a dramatic and complex bat coloring page just in time for Halloween! You can color this design in bold and bright colors for the bat, moon, and tree and then hang it in your room! What do you think?

8. Cartoon Bat Drawing

Cartoon Bat Drawing

This cute little bat is happy and dancing! So let us make him happier by painting this page with bright colors like yellow, orange, pink, purple, green, and red. Leave the clouds white and color the sky light blue!

9. Simple Bat Drawings

Simple Bat Drawings

Another simple sketch of two bats hung from a tree and hiding themselves under their wings. Color the tiny areas of this illustration with sharp colored pencils!

10. Bat Coloring Page for Kids

Bat Coloring Page for Kids

This incredible drawing features a bat taking off for a thrilling flight! Use dark and bold colors to make this drawing more dramatic!

Or you could also make it cheerful and colorful by choosing bright colors! So, color it however you like!

11. Preschool Bat Drawing for Toddlers

Preschool Bat Drawing for Toddlers

This easy bat drawing with clean outlines and minimal features is excellent for toddlers and preschoolers. It will let them color with their tiny hands without worrying about coloring outside the lines.

12. Detailed Bat Coloring Page

Detailed Bat Coloring Page

Finally, here’s a very detailed bat drawing for you to color! You can use all your favorite bright and dark colors to create the finest bat coloring page yet! Are you ready?

Get the Full Bats Coloring Book PDF

If you want your children to enjoy the coloring activity while learning with it, you can provide them with single bat coloring sheets one by one. But if you really want them to explore their imagination, get them a complete printable coloring book!

Bat Coloring Pages

So, here we are at the end of this coloring adventure! We hope you enjoy participating in a fun activity with your children! If you’re looking for more engaging coloring pages for them, explore our Blue Jay Coloring Book now!