Camera Coloring Pages for Kids (14 Free Printable PDFs)

A camera is a fascinating device for children. They want to try their hand at photography as soon as they see one! And not just youngsters, even adults are fascinated with professional cameras.

So, this fun Camera coloring book is the perfect bet for everyone! It includes 14 free camera coloring pages with drawings ranging from simple to highly detailed ones!

1. Simple Camera Coloring Page

Simple Camera Coloring Page

Let’s start with a simple camera drawing with lots of room to color! To make the drawing more realistic, use different shades of the same color.

2. Photographer Camera Drawing

Photographer Camera Drawing

Smile!!! Someone just took your picture. While they can see you in your snapshot, you have their drawing to color. So let’s make their hands and the camera colorful!

3. Polaroid Camera Coloring Page

Polaroid Camera Coloring Page

Polaroid cameras are the best! You get the photo in just a few minutes! By the way, how long would it take for you to color this polaroid camera? Let’s see!

4. Cute Camera Coloring Page

Cute Camera Coloring Page

Hey! The birdie wants to take your picture! You can pose, and he’d pose for you while you color this cute camera drawing! Deal? Let’s do it!

5. Camera Coloring Sheet

Camera Coloring Sheet

Hey! The bird wants to photograph you! So, will you pose for him after coloring this adorable camera drawing? Deal? Let’s get started!

6. Photography Camera Coloring Page

Photography Camera Coloring Page

Have you ever seen a professional photographer’s camera? It’s right here for you! You won’t be able to hold it, but you can color it! So, go ahead and color this your fave!

7. Professional Camera Coloring Page for Kids

Professional Camera Coloring Page for Kids

Take a look at these beautiful cameras on the table! This drawing will look fantastic when colored!

Use light colors for the cameras and dark colors for the surface! What are your thoughts?

8. Cartoon Camera Drawing

Cartoon Camera Drawing

Looks like this camera is bored of taking pictures and wants to go home! But, before he leaves, color him in bright colors right now! You may also draw a miniature camera next to him to make the drawing more interesting.

9. Detailed Camera Coloring Page

Detailed Camera Coloring Page

Another detailed sketch of someone taking a photograph! Let’s add some cool colors to this drawing. Use the right colors for the skin to make the artwork more realistic. So, what color do you want the camera to be?

10. Easy Camera Drawing for Kids

Easy Camera Drawing for Kids

Look! There are 3 professional cameras here for you to color! Aren’t you excited already to complete this drawing with some amazing colors? Let’s do it now!

11. Cute Camera Coloring Sheet

Cute Camera Coloring Sheet

Take a look at this happy camera outside his house! He’s all set for a photo session! Do you have your colors ready for him? Let’s make him even cuter!

12. Huge Camera on the Stand

Huge Camera on the Stand

Here’s another fantastic drawing of a big traditional camera for you! There are so many details to color in. So, gather your coloring stuff and get started with this lovely detailed coloring sheet.

13. Photography Coloring Page

Photography Coloring Page

This lady is taking a picture with her expensive camera. While she’s doing that, you can use your colors to paint the lady and her camera. Can you do it in that time? Let’s see!

14. Mickey Mouse with a Camera

Mickey Mouse with a Camera

Here’s a simple camera coloring page featuring kids’ favorite Mickey Mouse. And he’s taking your picture! But he wants to photograph you while you color him!

So, don’t waste a moment and color this lovely cartoon artwork right away!

Download the Full Camera Coloring Book PDF

The incredible camera drawings in this collection will delight your children. So, surprise them with the entire camera coloring book, so they can have a good coloring time!

Camera Coloring Pages

This collection of camera coloring sheets is an excellent way to engage your children in this learning and coloring activity while sharpening their motor skills and cognition. Get our menorah and skateboard coloring pages today for even more beautiful graphics!