Human Brain Coloring Pages with Book (12 Printable PDF)

The brain is the most fascinating organ in the human body. It controls everything in our bodies, from motion, memory, and emotions, to physical movements. A brain typically looks like flesh with multiple folds. But it gets tricky when teaching young kids about the brain!

But, with these fun brain coloring sheets, children will enjoy learning about the brain more than ever before! Packed with 12 incredible brain drawings, this coloring book will prove to be a fun and informative activity for kids.

Best Brain Coloring Pages for Kids

1. Simple Brain Drawing 

Simple Brain Drawing

This brain drawing shows a lateral view of the brain, including the cerebellum. This coloring page’s crisp lines and folds would be simple to color! You can use different colors to color different areas!

2. Brain Coloring Page

Brain Coloring Page

Next, we have a drawing featuring a top view of a human brain! This drawing can be painted with only one color, pink. But use different light and dark pink shades to animate the brain drawing!

3. Preschool Brain Coloring Page

Preschool Brain Coloring Page

This simple drawing of a brain inside a human skeleton is ideal for little children! For this page, you can paint different body parts with vibrant colors!

It will not only teach children about different parts of the brain but also help them understand the placement of various organs in the head, including the brain.

4. Realistic Brain Coloring Page

Realistic Brain Coloring Page

Let’s take a step further and color this complex brain illustration! This drawing shows the interior of the brain! To make it more exciting, use vivid colors such as red, blue, yellow, and green to paint different sections of the brain!

5. Cute Brain Drawing

Cute Brain Drawing

Look at this adorable little brain strolling back home! He’s got his water bottle on him! This color would look excellent with bright and happy colors for the background, such as yellow, green, red, orange, and pink for the brain.

6. Intelligent Brain

Intelligent Brain

Looks like we’re seeing an X-Ray of a person who just got an idea! But this isn’t an X-Ray! And you can even use your favorite colors to color this simple artwork!

7. Detailed Realistic Brain Coloring Page

Detailed Realistic Brain Coloring Page

The next coloring page in our collection depicts the bottom view of a human brain. This drawing has tiny areas to color. So you can use sharp colored pencils for this! What do you think?

8. Cartoon Brain Coloring Page

Cartoon Brain Coloring Page

This is a simple and cartoonish picture of brain sharpening! Look at how hard the brain is working to become stronger! You can cheer him up by using bright colors! So, which colors would you choose?

9. Labeled Brain Coloring Page

Labeled Brain Coloring Page

This brain coloring page with labels is excellent for kids to learn about different brain parts while coloring the artwork! So, use your creativity to make this drawing as lively as possible!

10. Brain Illustration 

Brain Illustration

Next up, we have a detailed drawing of two different views of the brain. This will help children grasp what the brain looks like from every angle.

You can either paint both brains the same colors or paint them different and unique ones!

11. Cute Brain Cartoon Coloring Page

Cute Brain Cartoon Coloring Page

Did you know that even your ears function with the brain’s commands? That is correct!

Here’s a cute brain cartoon listening to music on headphones! You can paint this drawing in any bright and vivid colors you like!

12. Blank Brain Coloring Page for Kids

Blank Brain Coloring Page for Kids

Another simple brain illustration with simple and clean features. For this brain illustration, you can use colored pens, crayons, or pencils! So, do you have your colors ready?

Get the Full Printable Brain Coloring Book PDF

If you want to offer your children an uninterrupted fun and learning experience, get them this free brain coloring book with all 12 beautiful brain drawings! It’s the easiest way to engage them in a learning activity!

So this concludes our scientific journey into the brain! Now, after teaching them about the brain, If you want to introduce your little ones to wild and aquatic life, check out our Sea Creatures and Hammerhead Shark Coloring Books!