Volcano Coloring Pages with Book (12 Printable PDFs)

This fantastic collection of Volcano coloring pages is a gift for young kids who are interested in learning about the Earth and its various phenomena.

A volcano is a rupture in the Earth’s surface that allows hot lava from the Earth’s core to escape. And these 12 incredible volcano drawings with incredible detail will introduce children to this amazing phenomenon in the most fun and entertaining way possible!

Latest Volcano Coloring Pages and Book PDF for Kids

1. Volcano Coloring Page for Kids

Volcano Coloring Page for Kids

So, this is what a volcano looks like! The hot lava flowing down this volcano can burn anything that comes its way!

But don’t worry! It won’t burn your colors, and you can easily color this drawing with some bold colors to make this drawing more dramatic!

2. Easy Volcano Coloring Page

Easy Volcano Coloring Page

This is a clearer and easier drawing of an active volcano! This coloring page can be completed with bright colors for the sky and smoke and some dark colors for the rocks and the volcano!

3. Realistic Volcano Coloring Page

Realistic Volcano Coloring Page

Woah! This lava flow looks real, right? And imagine, this is without colors! We can see this black and white volcano drawing turn into a stunning colorful artwork with your magical colors! So, shall we start?

4. Preschool Volcano Coloring page

Preschool Volcano Coloring page

This simple volcano drawing shows an inactive volcano in a desert area! But nobody knows when it will burst! So, till then, you can color this volcano drawing with fun colors!

5. Cartoon Volcano Drawing for Kids

Cartoon Volcano Drawing for Kids

Look at this cute cartoon volcano drawing! It comes without many details, so you can color it freely using any of your favorite colors! Just let your imagination lead your colors!

6. Volcano Coloring Sheet

Volcano Coloring Sheet

This detailed coloring page shows you a huge volcanic mountain past the river. So, which color would you pick for this volcano illustration?

Will you make it dramatic with bold and dark colors? Or would you make it colorful and bright? Well, whatever you choose, don’t forget to color that tiny boat!

7. Volcano from the Top

Volcano from the Top

We’re sure you’ve never seen a volcano from the top! So, this realistic drawing is here to show you what a volcano looks like on top.

You can use a sunny yellow and orange color to show the boiling lava inside the volcano! Do you have more creative ideas? Let’s see!

8. Volcano Lava Flow

Volcano Lava Flow

Look at that lava flowing out of an active volcano! You can use red, yellow, and orange colors to make the lava. And add some gray color to make the lava flow look real!

9. Volcanic Eruption Coloring Page

Volcanic Eruption Coloring Page

Woah! Look at the stunning visual! A train is passing by in front of a gigantic volcano mountain! You would definitely need your best colors to paint this coloring page! We’re excited to see you start!

10. Real Volcano Drawing 

Real Volcano Drawing

This volcano is located right next to the ocean. And look at the hot, boiling lava flowing out of it! This drawing would look fabulous with some bold, dramatic colors like brown, gray, orange, red, yellow, and blue!

11. Cute Volcano Coloring Page

Cute Volcano Coloring Page

It looks like this volcano mountain is scared of the hot lava coming out of it! But adding colors to this cartoon drawing can cheer him up a little.

You can add some funky colors like purple, green, blue, orange, and pink to make this drawing less intense!

12. Volcano and Dinosaur

Volcano and Dinosaur

Yes, volcanoes are that old and huge! This detailed, realistic drawing shows you a huge volcano from the dino age! So, grab your coloring kit and splash the best colors on this coloring sheet to make it awesome! Are you ready?

Download the Printable Volcano Coloring Book PDF

Kids’ creativity should not wait! So, grab this free, high-quality volcano coloring book, including all 12 stunning drawings, and surprise your kids now!

Coloring pages are a fantastic way to teach children about complex topics such as volcanoes. The fascinating drawings help them visualize real-life events in a fun way! So, if your kids are curious about dinosaurs, get them this Triceratops Coloring Book!