Triceratops Coloring Pages With Book (13 Printable PDFs)

No matter our age, we are all fascinated by dinosaurs. And because no one ever saw them, we can only guess what they looked like! That’s why coloring them would be interesting!

Science has introduced many dinosaurs. One of these is the triceratops, a herbivorous dinosaur with a bone frill around its head. And this triceratops coloring book will include 13 fantastic printable triceratops illustrations that will delight young children’s imaginations!

New Triceratops Coloring Pages and Book for Kids

1. Simple Triceratops Coloring Page

Simple Triceratops Coloring Page

Let’s begin with a simple drawing of a triceratops standing on a cliff, enjoying the weather. Choose vibrant colors for the sky to make this coloring page more lively!

2. Baby Triceratop Drawing

Baby Triceratop Drawing

Look at that cute baby triceratop having fun in the garden. This lovely drawing calls for bright colors such as pink, red, yellow, green, and orange. What do you think?

3. Realistic Triceratop Coloring Page

Realistic Triceratop Coloring Page

This triceratops dinosaur seems angry! To make this triceratop drawing more dramatic and dramatic, use dark and bold colors. Do you have other ideas for coloring this one?

4. Triceratop Detailed Drawing

Triceratop Detailed Drawing

This triceratop is in the forest! There are so many fine details to color in this drawing! You can use dark pencil colors for this or brighten it up with pastels! Which one do you prefer?

5. Mommy Triceratop with Baby Triceratop

Mommy Triceratop with Baby Triceratop

Look at this cute coloring sheet of a mama triceratop watching out for her young triceratops drinking from the lake! Isn’t it stunning? Use some bright colors and shading to make this drawing more realistic.

6. Cute Triceratop Coloring Page

Cute Triceratop Coloring Page

Here’s a cute cartoon triceratop drawing for preschoolers. Look how delighted the dinosaur is after getting a flower! You may make this coloring page more lively by using some bright colors!

7. Jurassic World Triceratop

Jurassic World Triceratop

This detailed drawing looks like a still from Jurassic World, doesn’t it? But there are no colors! So go ahead and gather some vivid and eye-catching colors for this stunning triceratop illustration!

8. Triceratop Coloring Sheet with Details

Triceratop Coloring Sheet with Details

This printable triceratop coloring sheet shows a drawing of a triceratop with very realistic details and features. To finish this one, you’ll need some sharp colored pencils! Do you have any other ideas?

9. Easy Triceratop Drawing for Kids

Easy Triceratop Drawing for Kids

For young children, here is a clean and easy triceratop drawing with large areas and clear contours. You could choose any of your favorite colors for this one!

10. Triceratop in the Cave

Triceratop in the Cave

This triceratops seems to live in a cave! This drawing would need some neutral colors for the cave and dinosaur, as well as some vibrant colors for the sky! Are your colors prepared?

11. Cartoon Triceratop Drawing 

Cartoon Triceratop Drawing

This adorable dinosaur triceratop is having a great time playing with butterflies! Vibrant colors such as bright green, red, yellow, orange, and blue would be perfect for this drawing. For the cave, you can also use gray and brown!

12. Real Triceratop Illustration

Real Triceratop Illustration

Take a look at this enormous triceratop standing on the rocks! We can see this drawing becoming a truly dramatic movie scene with dark and powerful colors! Or will you paint it brightly? Let’s see!

13. Triceratop in the Desert

Triceratop in the Desert

Finally, at the end of this triceratops coloring pages collection, this realistic design depicts a dinosaur triceratop eating the little greenery he can find in the desert!

You can definitely add more plants for him using vibrant green colors! But what colors will you use for the rest of the drawing?

Get Free Triceratop Coloring Book PDF for Free

We’re sure that kids will enjoy this triceratops drawing! So don’t hold up and download the whole triceratops coloring book pdf for their endless fun and creativity!

Triceratops Coloring Pages

These wonderful triceratops coloring pages are an excellent way to teach children about the historical reign of dinosaurs. If you need more animal illustrations for your creative kids, grab our Rhino and Realistic Animals Coloring book now!