Printable Realistic Animals Coloring Pages With Book (2022)

Teaching children about animals can be both fun and difficult since they need to see every animal themselves! So, if you’re struggling to feed your children’s curiosity about animals, this excellent realistic animals coloring book will save you!

This collection of 13 unique printable animal coloring pages will provide youngsters with the best and most intriguing animal illustrations that will both educate and entertain them! From simple, realistic drawings to highly complex ones, this book has it all!

Realistic Animals Coloring Pages and Book PDF for Kids

1. Simple Realistic Animal Coloring Page

Simple Realistic Animal Coloring Page

Let’s start with a simple illustration of goats grazing in a field. The drawing is simple, and because goats are fuzzy, you don’t have to worry about coloring them neatly!

So, as the lovely goats munch on the grass, let’s color this sheet!

2. Realistic Chimpanzee Drawing for Adults

Realistic Chimpanzee Drawing for Adults

This complex, realistic animal coloring sheet is ideal for kids who enjoy taking on new challenges! So, can you color inside the lines of this complex drawing? Let’s witness your magic!

3. Fox Realistic Coloring Page

Fox Realistic Coloring Page

Here’s a detailed coloring page of a fox standing before a large, dense tree. You can add more trees or bushes if you wish.

So, grab your crayons and color this page! The fox would enjoy your color choices!

4. Detailed Realistic Coloring Page

Detailed Realistic Coloring Page

If you wish to try creative coloring, this realistic sketch of a giraffe and a deer is perfect! This drawing has large areas and minute details to color in, ensuring you get the best coloring experience possible!

5. A Cat Chasing a Rat 

A Cat Chasing a Rat

Look at this simple yet exciting drawing of a cat chasing a rat around the house. It’s a perfect drawing to let your coloring skills shine! So, let’s see how this colorful story/scene unfolds; take out your crayons and fill in this coloring page!

6. Detailed Realistic Drawing of Sheep in a Field 

Detailed Realistic Drawing of Sheep in a Field

Here is a detailed drawing of two sheep standing in a field. Look how round marshmallowy they look in their furs.

If you feel adventurous, you can add a little lamb to the scene too! But let’s get down to the colors first and fill in this coloring page!

7. A Simple Horse Coloring Page For Kids

A Simple Horse Coloring Page For Kids

Here is a dreamy-looking horse outdoors posing just for you. So, let’s capture this horse and its beautiful big eyes, long shiny mane, and patched feet that look like high-rise shoes. Which colors will you use for this easy realistic coloring page?

8. Realistic Cute Panda Coloring Page

Realistic Cute Panda Coloring Page

Did you say you want a panda drawing? We heard it! This detailed drawing of a round panda sitting comfortably on grass and chewing on bamboo is a perfect treat, right?

Of course, we all know that pandas are white and black but not the drawn pandas. They can be of any color you like. So, get wild while coloring this illustration.

9. A Realistic Camel Coloring Page

A Realistic Camel Coloring Page

Look at how detailed this coloring page of a camel strolling in the desert is! A man in a turban is sitting on his back.

This coloring sheet needs a vibrant color palette to make it more lively and appealing. So, let your true colors shine and get in there.

10. An Elephant Coloring Page For Kids

An Elephant Coloring Page For Kids

Another simple, realistic coloring page of an elephant standing in front of a pond for you to color! You can color freely in large areas of this illustration! So, what are your plans for this coloring page?

11. Realistic Cute Koala Drawing

Realistic Cute Koala Drawing

Look at this gorgeous realistic coloring page of a mother koala carrying her baby! But this drawing will look prettier with some colors. So, use realistic colors for this realistic animal drawing!

12. Simple Monkey Drawing

Simple Monkey Drawing

Another intriguing drawing of a monkey swinging from a tree! And, although he looks like a baby monkey, he swings properly, just like you color professionally! So, let’s display your coloring talent on this page!

13. Realistic Lion Coloring Sheet

Realistic Lion Coloring Sheet

Lastly, here is the King of the Jungle standing still so you can color this drawing easily! So, grab all your favorite colors and make this drawing as dramatic as you want!

Get the Full Realistic Animal Coloring Book PDF for Free

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Realistic Animals Coloring Pages

So, we hope that using this coloring book to teach your children about various animals will be delightful! And if you need more fun and realistic drawings for your creative little ones, get our skateboard coloring pages right away!