Rhino Coloring Pages and Book (13 Free Printable PDFs)

A rhinoceros is an interesting wild animal. Other animals have horns on their heads, but rhinos have a thorn on their nose. So, let’s teach kids more about this unique animal with a unique rhino coloring book!

This book contains 13 fantastic, printable rhino coloring pages with intriguing backgrounds, features, and storylines. These drawings will allow kids to be creative while sharpening their motor skills!

Amazon Rhino Coloring Pages PDFs for Kids

1. Easy Rhino Coloring Page

Easy Rhino Coloring Page

This simple sketch of a rhino standing on a rocky ledge is an excellent place to begin! You can freely color this rhino illustration without bothering about the details!

2. Detailed Rhinoceros Drawing

Detailed Rhinoceros Drawing

Let’s color this realistic, detailed rhino drawing! This illustration will be challenging with the small areas and details to color in! So, do you have your coloring stuff ready to go? Let’s do it!

3. Cute Baby Rhino Coloring Page

Cute Baby Rhino Coloring Page

Look at this lovely baby rhino trying to pop balloons with his horn! Can you make this drawing more adorable with your colors? Which colors will you pick for the baby rhino and the balloons?

4. Real Rhino Drawing for Kids

Real Rhino Drawing for Kids

The bird is having a good time on his rhino ride! Isn’t this a gorgeous, unique drawing? Let’s use some bright colors to make this beautiful and exciting! Don’t forget to color the adorable birdie!

5. Baby Rhino and Baby Elephant 

Baby Rhino and Baby Elephant

The baby rhino loves his best friend, the baby elephant! This drawing has many elements to color, but we’re sure you can do it!

Simply use steady, clean strokes of the right colors, and you’ll be done in no time!

6. Rhino Running Up the Hill

Rhino Running Up the Hill

This rhino is making his way up the hill. Perhaps he wants to see the sunset! But, before he goes, why don’t you paint him some colors?

So, go ahead and color this rhino coloring sheet in your favorite colors now!

7. A Rhino and a Horse 

A Rhino and a Horse

This realistic drawing of a rhino and a horse in a field is excellent for children learning to color complex drawings!

Color in the small areas of this artwork with sharp colored pencils! Do you have any other ideas?

8. Cartoon Rhino Coloring Page

Cartoon Rhino Coloring Page

Look! This baby rhino is enjoying an ice cream cone on a sunny day! Let’s add some vibrant colors to this drawing to make it more enjoyable for him! Are your colors ready?

9. Rhinoceros Coloring Page

Rhinoceros Coloring Page

Have you ever gotten a close look at a rhinoceros? If not, here’s a close-up drawing of a rhino to see and color!

To make this drawing more realistic, use different shades of the same color. You can also draw other elements in the back if you like!

10. Rhinos in the Field

Rhinos in the Field

These two rhinos are having fun by the lake! Isn’t it a lovely drawing? But it would look even better in bright colors! So, get your coloring supplies and paint this drawing!

11. Detailed Rhino Coloring Sheet

Detailed Rhino Coloring Sheet

Look how fast this big rhino is running! It looks like he’s hunting! So, take your colors and start painting him before he slips out of the frame! Can you pull it off? Let’s see!

12. Simple Rhino Drawing for Preschoolers

Simple Rhino Drawing for Preschoolers

Another simple and clean rhino drawing with fewer details for young children! Simply grab your favorite colors and begin scribbling your crayons! You can also use pencils, pastels, or watercolors!

13. Mommy Rhino and Baby Rhino

Mommy Rhino and Baby Rhino

Look at this mommy rhino watching her baby rhino playing in the dirt! Isn’t he adorable? You can make this illustration more delightful by using your magical colors! So, what colors will you use?

Download the Complete Rhino Coloring Book PDF

This fantastic collection of Rhino drawings will entice your children to engage in this fun activity. And single coloring sheets may not be enough to let their imagination run wild. So, get them the entire high-quality rhino coloring book, and let them have fun!

Rhino Coloring Pages

So that gets us to the end of our rhino coloring pages adventure. If you want to provide more appealing animal illustrations for your children, grab our Realistic Animals Coloring book now!