Husky Coloring Pages With Book – (14 Printable PDFs)

Huskies remind us of winter and snow! These dogs with extremely fluffy fur look like walking teddy bears and are extremely loved by kids as well as adults. So, if you and your kids love huskies, it’s time to enjoy a good time together coloring some cool husky coloring pages.

This striking collection of high-quality, printable Husky coloring pages contains fourteen exciting, simple, detailed, and cartoon Husky drawings that are sure to entice kids of all ages. So, what’s the hold-up? Let’s get coloring!

Fun Fact: Husky Dogs has a natural undercoat fur that protects them from extreme cold weather and makes them winter-ready! No wonder they look so fluffy!

Best Husky Coloring Pages and Book PDF for Free

1. Easy Husky Coloring Page

Easy Husky Coloring Page

Let’s begin with a simple but interesting drawing of a husky lounging on a park bench. You can color as much as you’d like on this coloring sheet because there is plenty of room for it!

Grab your coloring tools, and let’s begin coloring!

2. Husky Catching a Ball

Husky Catching a Ball

Doesn’t this illustration of a husky look so realistic? But what do you think? Will he successfully catch the ball?

But even if he doesn’t, you can still color this fascinating Husky coloring page even if he doesn’t. If you’d like, add extra background details, like birds and flowers. What do you have in mind then?

3. Cute Husky Hugging a Girl

Cute Husky Hugging a Girl

Does your Husky enjoy hugs? This one does! Isn’t it adorable? But we think adding some bright colors will make this drawing even cuter!

You may even design patterns on the girl’s hoodie as well as some elements in the background! So, what colors did you choose for this gorgeous drawing?

4. Husky in Front of the House

Husky in Front of the House

Here is a detailed Husky coloring page for you to enjoy! He’s taking a leisurely stroll around his home. But can you fill in the tiny details of this drawing comfortably? Let’s see what you’ve got in mind!

5. Cute Husky Coloring Page

Cute Husky Coloring Page

Have you ever seen a Husky dance? Here’s one for you to look at and color! His party is still on! We’re sure you want to attend his party too! But, where are your colors? We need to add some color to this party first!

6. Husky Head Drawing

Husky Head Drawing

Here’s a drawing with realistic Husky features and precise detailing. Coloring this Husky coloring sheet will undoubtedly be a fulfilling experience. This one requires the use of crisp pencil colors. Or do you have another plan?

7. Husky Playing in the Yard

Husky Playing in the Yard

This Husky is playing in the yard on a gorgeous day! You, too, may join in on the fun. But first, let us add some color to make this day brighter and more joyous!

8. Sleepy Husky Drawing for Kids

Sleepy Husky Drawing for Kids

Look at how charming this sleepy Husky is! He requires a snooze. And while he sleeps, you can color him slowly so that he wakes up colorful. So, what colors do you have for this adorable husky drawing?

9. Christmas Husky Coloring Page

Christmas Husky Coloring Page

Your Husky is all set to open his Christmas presents! Are your colors ready to make this black-and-white drawing more colorful? If so, let’s bring some color to the Christmas festivities!

10. Cartoon Husky Drawing

Cartoon Husky Drawing

This adorable little Husky has his spectacles on and is ready to read some fantastic stories. Can you help read stories? Perhaps not!

But your magical colors can undoubtedly help make this Husky drawing more joyful. So, let’s see what kind of magic you can do!

11. Husky Dog Sitting on Bed

Husky Dog Sitting on Bed

This Husky enjoys resting on his Master’s bed! Is this something your dog does? Let the goofballs have some fun on the bed while you fill in the colors in this artwork!

12. Husky Playing with Bone

Husky Playing with Bone

Here’s another detailed Husky coloring page to let your creativity run wild! Don’t be afraid; you can definitely finish this drawing with some amazing colors! And, by the way! Don’t forget to color his house!

13. Cute Sleeping Baby Husky

Cute Sleeping Baby Husky

Look at this adorable Husky puppy dozing off! And don’t just gaze; take your paints and fill in this beautiful drawing! What color would you like your Husky to be?

14. Running Husky Dog 

Running Husky Dog

Let’s finish up this coloring adventure with a realistic Husky coloring page. For this pretty drawing, you can use colored pencils or crayons.

But don’t forget to sharpen the colors because the drawing has some narrow areas to fill in.

Download the Complete Husky Coloring Book PDF for Free

We’re sure your children will enjoy this set of Husky coloring sheets. So, you may either give them individual coloring sheets or surprise them with the whole Husky coloring book for their uninterrupted fun!

Husky Coloring Pages

So, this brings us to the end of our coloring journey! We hope you loved watching your kids having fun coloring these Husky drawings. And if your kids need more amazing dog drawings, get them our German Shepherd Coloring Pages set now!