German Shepherd Coloring Pages Printable (Free PDFs)

The German Shepherd is one of America’s most loved dog breeds. Their intelligence and protective instincts make them everyone’s favorite. So, if your kids love their German shepherd dogs, they will love coloring their drawings.

We have brought for them these 10 unique German shepherd coloring pages. This collection has incredibly realistic drawings, from easy, plain cartoons to detailed, challenging illustrations for kids of all ages.

So, let us introduce you to our pack of drawn German shepherds.

Free Printable German Shepherd Coloring Pages & Book

1. Simple German Shepherd Coloring Page 

Simple German Shepherd Coloring Page

Here is a German shepherd with bone in his mouth, ready to chew it away. This simple drawing is perfect for young kids to start with!

You can have fun coloring with ease in the wide space and some tight, detailed spots on this cute German shepherd coloring page. Let your colors run!

2. German Shepherd in Front of a House 

German Shepherd in Front of a House

Here is our photogenic German shepherd, ready with the classic one-paw-up pose in front of a house. Come on, help him with the lighting and colors.

We bet this coloring page can be showcased on your fridge with your coloring skills. So, take out your colors and start!

3. A K-9 Police German Shepherd Drawing

A K-9 Police German Shepherd Drawing

Did you know that German shepherd and other dogs have their police unit, the K-9? Look at him, assisting the police officer so professionally on duty.

Let’s start coloring because he won’t sit still once his shift ends.

4. Realistic German Shepherd Coloring Page 

Realistic German Shepherd Coloring Page

Doesn’t this picture look like it is right out of a video game, a big city behind the German racing shepherd?

You can make this even more graphic by adding some colors and details to the background. So, which colors would you use for this dog?

5. German Shepherd Head Drawing for Kids

German Shepherd Head Drawing for Kids

This cute German shepherd coloring page has a lot of elements. You can color his mouth, muzzle, fur, and collar and draw some elements in the empty background. Do you have some ideas? Let’s start with the colors first.

6. A Christmas German Shepherd 

A Christmas German Shepherd

We have brought you a gift, a Christmas coloring page with a German shepherd amongst your presents. There is no need to wait to color this gift. Are you ready with your colors yet?

7. German Shepherd Face Coloring Page

German Shepherd Face Coloring Page

Here is a portrait of the star of these coloring pages, the German shepherd. There are many things to color in this drawing, his wet nose, fluffy fur, and perky ears. So, find your favorite colors and start coloring.

8. German Shepherd Playing with a Ball 

German Shepherd Playing with a Ball

This drawing has a German shepherd playing with a ball on a big lawn. He looks big here, but you can still use extra space in the background if you feel playful. So, what colors have you thought of for this coloring sheet?

9. A Cute German Shepherd Guarding a Castle

A Cute German Shepherd Guarding a Castle

No home is too big for a German shepherd to guard. He looks confident and alert. Are you confident? Because coloring this castle home and its guard dog will be challenging. But we believe you can do it!

10. Easy German Shepherd Coloring Sheet

Easy German Shepherd Coloring Sheet

Here is a drawing of a German shepherd standing patiently. It looks like he’s seeing someone off; maybe it is you, and he’s here to say his goodbyes. But something is missing, right? Is it colors?

Yes, we think so! So let’s color him with some bright, happy colors!

Download the Complete German Shepherd Coloring Book PDF for Free

This fantastic collection of German shepherd coloring pages is available for you to download and print as single coloring sheets. Or you can download the whole coloring book for your convenience and your kid’s uninterrupted joy.

German Shepherd Coloring Pages

So, we hope your kids enjoy the time they spend coloring these illustrations as much as our German shepherd will enjoy their company.

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