Pitbull Coloring Pages For Kids & Adults (14 Printable PDFs)

Dogs are humans’ best companions; they are protective, cute, and fun pals. Especially Pitbulls are the definition of dogs and such friendships. They look aggressive but are actually darlings.

So, if your kids love your pet pitbull, they are going to love this coloring book of adorable Pitbulls. Each high-quality pitbull coloring page tells a story with simple and detailed backgrounds.

You can download individual pieces or download the whole collection. And see, for yourself, these are as warm and fun a companion on pages as they are in real life.

So, why wait? Let’s just dig in.

Free Pitbull Coloring Pages and Book Printable PDF

1. Alert Pitbull on the Lawn

Alert Pitbull on the Lawn

Wait! Don’t go away. It really is a friendly American Pitbull. It just needs some colors, and you will see how friendly it’ll become! How does your pitbull look? Can you color this one like yours?

2. Pitbull in Front of a House

Pitbull in Front of a House

See! We told you just one colored illustration, and it’s already warming up to you. This pitbull is waiting for you in front of his house. You are just a pink paw away from handshakes. But don’t forget to bring your colors to fill in!

3. Pitbulls Coloring Page 

Pitbulls Coloring Page

Oops! Someone is already there, a friend. See, it really is a friendly pitbull. So, let the best friends have some fun while you color them both. Can you tell what colors they would look happiest in?

4. Cute Pitbull Coloring Sheet

Cute Pitbull Coloring Sheet

Look how adorable this pitbull is! He loves to sit in the vase among the plants. Which colors would you use for these plants, vases, and, of course, the pitbull?

5. Pitbull on a Run

Pitbull on a Run

How fast does your pitbull run? This one seems to be really fast. But how fast can you color a simple running pitbull coloring page? Can you do it before he vanishes?

6. Pitbull Resting on the Couch

Pitbull Resting on the Couch

Do you let your pitbull sit on the couch? Well, this one seems to enjoy a comfy seat. You can also have a seat on your couch and color this easy pitbull coloring page. How long do you think it will take to finish this?

7. Cute Pitbull Coloring Page 

Cute Pitbull Coloring Page

Who is this? It’s your Birthday-Pitbull! What present did you bring for him? You got crayons? So, why not use them to add some colors to the pitbull drawing and make the party more fun?

8. A Sleeping Pitbull Puppy 

A Sleeping Pitbull Puppy

Who would believe they ever rested? But after such an intense party, even our Pitbulls need rest. And while this pitbull puppy gets his beauty sleep, let’s color him and give him some colorful dreams. Where did you hide your colors? Get them now!

9. Pitbull Among Stars

Pitbull Among Stars

How did your pitbull get there? What do you think they and you need to be able to fly? No! You don’t need wings; we believe it’s the colors. So, let’s add some colors to this adorable cartoon pitbull coloring page.

10. A Smiling Pitbull Dog Drawing

A Smiling Pitbull Dog Drawing

Did you know that pitbull dog smiles? They do! Look at this one! Maybe someone called him a Good Boy. Let’s make him happier with some colors. This realistic pitbull drawing is going to be the best till now!

11. Pitbull Head Coloring Page

Pitbull Head Coloring Page

What would you like to color? Puppy-eyes? Puppy-face? Neither. Then there is the perfect picture for you to color, the Pitbull-face. This pitbull drawing will allow you to color inside the fine details of the pitbull head. So, let’s get started!

12. Happy Pitbull Drawing

Happy Pitbull Drawing

“It’s you!” Look who is here to welcome you. This pitbull looks so friendly and patient, doesn’t it? We bet he would definitely love some colors for his face and body. So, what colors do you have in your bag?

13. Pitbull With the Bone

Pitbull With the Bone

Somebody got this pitbull a bone. Now he won’t go away from that. So hurry, get that big basket of colors under your bed and start coloring this simple drawing.

14. Christmas Pitbull Coloring Page

Christmas Pitbull Coloring Page

No, it’s not December, nor is Christmas here yet. Meet Sir Santa Pitbull Claus; he is here early with your gifts. But wouldn’t you color him first? Grab your favorite colors and paint this Christmas pitbull coloring page.

Download Full Pitbull Coloring Book Printable PDF

You can download these coloring illustrations separately one by one. But we bet you will need the whole bunch. So, download the entire pitbull coloring book. These are free, downloadable, and printable, so just click away!

Pitbull Coloring Pages

We hope that between the pages of this beautiful coloring book, your kids will find something engaging to do and also good company.

If this coloring book gets them asking for more easy, realistic, yet beautiful coloring pages, then we have got you covered with this collection of rainy day coloring pages!