Free Menorah Coloring Pages (13 Printable PDFs)

A Menorah is a traditional candelabra (candle stand) with seven or nine branches or stands used in the Jewish religion. But more than their religious relevance, Menorahs and Hannukiah appeal to people, especially kids, because of their intricate designs!

So, we’ve brought an awesome collection of 13 menorah coloring pages with amazing drawings of different types of menorahs and hanukkiahs. From simple to detailed to cartoon, you can find all types of menorah drawings for kids here!

So, let’s jump into the collection!

Unique Menorah Coloring Sheets and Book for Kids

1. Easy Menorah Coloring Page

Easy Menorah Coloring Page

Here is an easy and clean menorah drawing with candles to start with! The coloring page has lots of room for coloring, so you can pick any type of colors you like! So, what color do you want your menorah to be and your candles to be?

2. Detailed Menorah Candles Coloring Page

Detailed Menorah Candles Coloring Page

Let’s go one step further and color this incredibly detailed menorah illustration. Isn’t it beautiful? It can be a silver, gold, or copper menorah; you can make it whatever you like with your colors!

3. Stylish Menorah With Candles

Stylish Menorah With Candles

Another menorah coloring sheet with excellent details for kids that want a challenge! Can you use your colors to make this drawing more realistic? Let’s see what you’re thinking.

4. Menorah Without Candles

Menorah Without Candles

Another simple menorah drawing for you to fill with colors of your choice. You can also draw a dreidel beside it too! So, what ideas do you have for this coloring sheet?

5. Cartoon Hanukkiah Coloring Page

Cartoon Hanukkiah Coloring Page

This Hanukkiah seems to be afraid of strong winds! Let’s make him comfortable using some colors, shall we? Which colors would look the best on this cute menorah?

6. Grand Traditional Hanukkiah Drawing

Grand Traditional Hanukkiah Drawing

Coloring this Hanukkiah drawing will surely be a GRAND experience for you! You can use sharp colored pencils or sketch pens for this one. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get coloring!

7. Menorah on the Table

Menorah on the Table

Here’s a realistic Hanukkiah coloring page for older kids who enjoy some detailed coloring! Get your best colors ready because this drawing will take some time. Are you prepared?

8. Top View of Menorahs

Top View of Menorahs

Are you bored of coloring distant menorahs? Here’s a close-up illustration of two menorahs on a table! You can draw additional elements such as dreidel and use colors to add shadows. So, shall we begin?

9. Expensive Menorah Stand Without Candles

Expensive Menorah Stand Without Candles

Do you think it’s a glass menorah? It looks really expensive! So, you have to be very careful while coloring this! But can you make it look like it’s made of glass with your colors? Let’s give it a try!

10. Cartoon Menorah Drawing

Cartoon Menorah Drawing

This cute menorah is terrified of something! Is it a bug? You may not know what it is, but you can certainly make him happy by coloring on this page! So, do you have your preferred colors ready?

11. Group Menorah Drawing

Group Menorah Drawing

Look at all of the different menorahs you can color! But, the last one lacks candles. Do you want to make some candles before coloring this beautiful menorah coloring page? Or do you have other plans?

12. Simple Menorah Coloring Sheet

Simple Menorah Coloring Sheet

A simple menorah drawing is here to let you have some fun coloring without stressing over details! So, grab your crayons and splash some colors onto this drawing. You can even use watercolors!

13. Detailed Hanukkiah Drawing

Detailed Hanukkiah Drawing

Here is a finely detailed Hanukkaih coloring page to end this coloring adventure! You can use all the colors you couldn’t use yet! So, let’s make this drawing as colorful as you can!

Download Menorah Coloring Book PDF for Free

These exciting Hanukkiah & menorah coloring pages are available for you as single coloring sheets pdf, or you can grab this complete menorah coloring book for your kids to have fun coloring!

Menorah Coloring Pages

We hope your children enjoyed coloring in these amazing menorah coloring pages collection. If you want more religion-related drawings for them, check out our Diwali coloring pages now!