Free Diwali Coloring Pages & Book (Updated 2022)

As the world knows, Diwali is India’s festival of lights. It is, in fact, one of the country’s most important festivals. This day is filled with joy, blessings, and, of course, lights! So, if you want to teach your children about the Diwali festival, what’s better than coloring?

This incredible collection of Diwali coloring pages is sure to provide your children with a memorable coloring experience with a variety of simple, detailed, and cartoon drawings.

So, what are we waiting for? Let’s get started!

Best Diwali Coloring Pages and Book With Amazing Diwali Drawings

1. Simple Diwali Coloring Page

Simple Diwali Coloring Page

Diwali is a festival celebrated with lights, candles, and fireworks. So, here’s a simple Diwali drawing of a house decked out in lights, skirting, and oil lamps. Look pretty, no?

But isn’t there something missing? Do you know what it is? Colors, yes! So grab your coloring supplies and fill this simple Diwali coloring page with vibrant colors.

2. Boy Lighting Fire Crackers

Boy Lighting Fire Crackers

Did you know that in India, even children light crackers on Diwali? Yes, but they do so carefully and with the help and guidance of elders.

Would you also need the elders’ help coloring this cute drawing of a little boy starting a whirligig sparkler? We don’t think so!

3. Diwali Rangoli Coloring Sheet

Diwali Rangoli Coloring Sheet

Did you know that on the occasion of Deepawali, Indians use dried powdered colors to create beautiful designs on their doorsteps? Yes, exactly like the one in the drawing. Rangoli is what it’s called!

But where are the colors in this Rangoli? They’re in your hands! Grab them tightly and splash them on this drawing. So, which colors will you use?

4. Kids Celebrating Diwali Festival

Kids Celebrating Diwali Festival

Indian kids just love Diwali as they get to light firecrackers, make rangoli, and of course, eat lots of sweets! You can also celebrate Diwali the next time.

But till then, let’s color this cute Diwali coloring page! You can also add some more elements to the background. So, do you have any ideas?

5. Diwali Sweets and Candles Drawing

Diwali Sweets and Candles Drawing

Since we’re talking about sweets, here’s a simple coloring page with a lovely drawing of a lot of sweets on a plate! Do you know what these sweets are? If not, don’t worry. You can make whatever you want with your imagination and magical colors!

6. House Decorated on Diwali

House Decorated on Diwali

This is what nearly all the homes look like on the occasion of Diwali! All the homes are adorned with lighting, colorful frills decoration, lamps, lanterns, etc.

Let’s add some colors too! You can add some more bright adorning elements around the balcony. So, what are you going to draw?

7. Happy Diwali Poster for Kids

Happy Diwali Poster for Kids

This simple Diwali poster coloring page is perfect for young children. You can fill this exciting poster with your favorite colors and then stick it on the walls of your room! Do you have other ideas for using this Diwali poster?

8. Detailed Diwali Coloring Page

Detailed Diwali Coloring Page

Fireworks mark Diwali! The sky is filled with lighting and beautiful fireworks on this occasion. Just like this detailed drawing of fireworks! It has so many elements to color, right?

You are free to use any colors you want for this drawing! But, is this day or night? What colors would you put in it?

9. Cat Lighting Fireworks on Diwali

Cat Lighting Fireworks on Diwali

See? Even the animals enjoy celebrating Diwali! This cat looks very excited to light his sparkler. But how excited are you to color this cute cat who is having a blast at the festival?

10. Detailed Diwali Coloring Sheet for Kids

Detailed Diwali Coloring Sheet for Kids

Another detailed Diwali coloring page showing Indians’ joy at the festival! Everyone is overjoyed to set off the candles and firecrackers.

Let’s make their celebrations even more exciting by filling this excellent illustration with vibrant colors. So, where do you want to start?

11. Simple Diwali Drawing with Fireworks

Simple Diwali Drawing with Fireworks

Fireworks! Fireworks! Fireworks! On Diwali night, that’s all you can see in the sky! Here’s a fantastic, detailed Diwali drawing of a happy sky!

You can color the sky dark blue and the fireworks and sparklers brightly! Do you have any other plans? Let’s see!

12. Detailed Diwali Coloring Poster

Detailed Diwali Coloring Poster

Another Diwali poster coloring page to enjoy! This lovely lady is using oil lamps to decorate her window! So let’s add some color to this coloring page to make her room look more vibrant and colorful!

13. Little Girl Celebrating Deepawali Festival

Little Girl Celebrating Deepawali Festival

Look! This little girl is trying to ignite her sparkle. How do you think we can help her? Can you use vibrant colors to torch her sparkler for this Diwali drawing? Let’s give it a shot!

14. Young Girl Making Rangoli Outside Home

Young Girl Making Rangoli Outside Home

Isn’t this Rangoli gorgeous? Looks like this girl is so good at it! Are you also good at coloring? If so, you can show it by coloring in this realistic Diwali coloring page with clean and lovely colors!

Come on; we’re looking forward to your best drawing!

15. Happy Diwali Text Coloring Page

Happy Diwali Text Coloring Page

Finally, to round out this Diwali coloring pages set, a perfect Diwali poster full of light. But don’t worry! The celebration continues!

So, add as many colors as you want to this drawing and have fun!

Download the Complete Diwali Coloring Book PDF for Free

Did you enjoy these Diwali illustrations? If so, you simply cannot resist downloading the entire Diwali coloring book for kids!

You can also download and print individual Diwali coloring sheets, allowing your children to explore more with one drawing at a time!

Diwali Coloring Pages

This brings us to the end of this lovely collection of exciting Diwali Coloring pages. We hope your children will join us in celebrating the festival of lights with their colors and imaginations.

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