Lemon Coloring Pages & Book for Kids (12 Printable PDFs)

Summer has two joys: the holidays and lemonades. The only thing that can get kids inside the house from the playground is a lemonade treat made from these small yellow-green, round fruits.

So, we have brought this fantastic collection of lemon coloring pages in the spirit of its versatile taste. These unbelievably simple and detailed illustrations will give your kid something engaging and creative to do in their free time.

Let’s dive right into it!

Amazing Lemon Coloring Pages for Young Kids

1. Simple Sliced Lemon Coloring Page

Simple Sliced Lemon Coloring Page

Here is a coloring page with a beautiful lemon flower and some leaves on the side. Did you know lemons can be pink and have a flower or two hidden inside.

So, let’s fill in this lemon flower coloring page. Get your colors and get started!

2. Lemons Hanging on a Tree Branch 

Lemons Hanging on a Tree Branch

Here is a pair of lemons hanging from a tree. You can use your crayons to fill in these leaves and branches.

And you can use any color because lemons don’t get sour about little things. Let’s get scribbling!

3. Cartoon Lemon Pirate Coloring Page 

Cartoon Lemon Pirate Coloring Page

Here is an adorable lemon pirate drawing for you! Looks like he spotted something with his classy binoculars, and wait! Is that a spoon in his hand? Is it going to attack or scoop?

Are you ready with your colors? Then, let’s fill in the colors!

4. Detailed Lemon Coloring Page

Detailed Lemon Coloring Page

We have a detailed lemon drawing for you, with a squeezer in the back! Can you color in the fine details of this coloring page? We believe you can! All you need to do is color patiently!

5. Lemon and Other Vegetables

Lemon and Other Vegetables

Here are some lemons mingling with some chilies and bell pepper. Did you already imagine how colorful this table is?

Let’s add those colors to the table, and if you like, draw some more vegetables on this coloring page. Let’s get Coloring!

6. A Simple Lemon Drawing Page 

A Simple Lemon Drawing Page

Here is a simple drawing sheet of sliced lemons on a tray, with some squeezed juice around the lemons. It will be easy but color carefully around that perfectly sliced lemon.

So, take out your colors and squeeze some life into this coloring sheet with your coloring skills!

7. Cute Lemon Coloring Page

Cute Lemon Coloring Page

Here is a simple coloring page featuring not-so-sour lemon. It looks like he has got all he needs, a disco ball, a radio, and juice! He’s having fun!

You can have a blast, too, coloring this dancing lemon! And maybe add a backup lemon dancer or two to the background! What do you think?

8. Simple Lemon Coloring Sheet

Simple Lemon Coloring Sheet

Here is a clean lemon coloring page with some fresh lemons on a dining table. You can draw some glasses or a salad bowl on the table. Or do you have other ideas?

Let’s see what you have in mind!

9. Animated Lemon Coloring Page

Animated Lemon Coloring Page

Wow! You got invited to the lemon’s birthday bash! There is a boom box, bubbles flying all over, and a cake.

Hurry up with your color box and start filling in this coloring page before he blows out the candle!

10. Easy Lemon Drawing for Kids

Easy Lemon Drawing for Kids

Here are some lemons getting sliced on the chopping board. What would you make with these lemons?

But wait! Shouldn’t we color this drawing first to add some colors and flavors to the lemons? Which colors are you going to use?

11. Detailed Sliced Lemon Illustration 

Detailed Sliced Lemon Illustration

This detailed illustration of sliced lemons will give you something fun to color. What do you think? What colors or techniques will make their pulp look even juicier?

Let’s try out what you have in mind and fill in the colors!

12. Lemonade With Lemons Coloring Page

Lemonade With Lemons Coloring Page

Lemonade? You must be tired from all the coloring and drawing. So, why not fill this glass and this coloring sheet with some refreshing colors and flavors?

And if you feel like having a picnic, you can also draw some sandwiches or a basket in the frame. So, let’s get coloring!

Download Free Lemon Coloring Book PDF

These lemon coloring pages are for everyone! You can download and print these sheets one by one. Or you can download the whole collection, the lemon coloring book, for your ease and your kid’s uninterrupted joy.

Lemon Coloring Pages

We hope your kids enjoyed the time they spent coloring these exciting lemon drawings. And if you want to give them and their creativity some more room and coloring books. Then we have these Free Avocado Coloring Pages that are just what you need.