Football Coloring Pages and Book (Free Printable PDFs)

If there’s one sport that children will never get bored of playing or watching, it’s football! And ask them their favorite sportsman, it’ll surely be a football player! So, if your kids are football fans, this coloring book will be the perfect gift for them!

This exciting football players coloring pages collection will engage kids in a fun activity with 12 amazing English and American football player drawings that they just can’t get enough of!

Free Football Coloring Pages for Kids of All Ages

1. Easy Football Player Coloring Page

Easy Football Player Coloring Page

Let’s start with a simple football player drawing! This coloring sheet has vast areas and few details, allowing you to color in with whichever colors you want. So, let’s make the game more fun!

2. Football Players on Ground

Football Players on Ground

This football match is going to be intense! Do you think Number 02 will make it? He might, but can you color this realistic football player coloring page? We believe you can!

3. Football Player Catching Football

Football Player Catching Football

Another easy sketch of a football player catching the ball! It features a lovely sky and a goal background. You can use any vivid colors you choose for this illustration. So, let’s see what you’re thinking!

4. Cartoon Football Player Coloring Page

Cartoon Football Player Coloring Page

This little guy is all set to kick the football with his helmet! Are you ready to add color to this cartoon drawing to make it more vibrant and fun? Is that a yes? Then, let’s go!

5. NFL Football Coloring Page

NFL Football Coloring Page

Let’s go up a notch and try your hands at this detailed football player coloring page! It has some very realistic details that will make it a satisfying coloring experience for you!

6. Female Football Player Drawing

Female Football Player Drawing

This footballer is practicing her goal in the yard! Can you help her win her next game? Yes, let’s use some colors to enliven her! Which colors do you want her jersey to be?

7. Girl Spinning Football

Girl Spinning Football

This girl seems to be a pro football player, just like you are a pro artist! So gather your coloring tools and show off your coloring abilities! Where will you begin?

8. English Football Player Drawing

English Football Player Drawing

This player is head-kicking the football! Have you tried it before? You can try it later, but you can color this amazing yet simple drawing right now! So, let’s begin coloring!

9. Football Players in a Match

Football Players in a Match

Look, all the players are in their position to win this football match! But something is missing, right? Is it colors? Yes! So, let’s add some colors to this game to make it memorable!

10. Football Player Kicking the Ball

Football Player Kicking the Ball

That is an amazing kick, isn’t it? It’s surely going to be a goal. But, wait! Let’s add some colors first! We bet you would love coloring this football player illustration as much as you love football!

11. Cartoon Cat Playing Football

Cartoon Cat Playing Football

This cat enjoys football as well, and he’s going to score! So, let’s cheer him up with some vibrant colors! For this one, you can use colored pens or pencils! So, what ideas do you have?

12. Realistic Football Players Coloring Page

Realistic Football Players Coloring Page

Let’s end this coloring journey with a realistic English footballer drawing! Add some extra players or a crowd in the background if you want. This picture is a blank canvas for you to experiment with your colors!

Download Full Football Players Coloring Book PDF for Free

If your kids love these images, you should get them the whole coloring book pdf for a nonstop enjoyable pastime. Simply download the book pdf, print it, and surprise your children!

Football Player Coloring Pages

So, we hope this exciting football player coloring pages collection helps your kids learn while also having fun coloring! But if your kids are into huge vehicles, they will definitely love our Tank and Semi Truck coloring pages collection!