Wrestling Coloring Pages with Book (9 Printable PDFs)

Kids have diverse interests. While some enjoy watching and playing common sports like football, basketball, or racing, some are into watching combat sports like boxing and wrestling.

If your kids are the second type, this free, printable wrestling coloring book with 9 incredible wrestling drawings will be a fun activity for them!

Best Printable Wrestling Coloring Pages and Book PDF

1. Easy Wrestling Coloring Page

Easy Wrestling Coloring Page

Here is a simple, fantastic drawing of a wrestler performing a German Suplex move on his opponent. This coloring page has lesser details to start with. You can use any of your favorite colors for this one!

2. Realistic WWE Wrestling Coloring Page

Realistic WWE Wrestling Coloring Page

Look at these wrestlers giving their best to win the WWE belt. Now, it’s time for you to do your best at coloring a detailed, realistic wrestling coloring page! Also, do you know which move it is?

3. Wrestling Coloring Sheet 

Wrestling Coloring Sheet

Here’s another realistic drawing of a wrestler catching his rival player in a powerful Headlock! You will need some good-quality colors to get the right skin shade for this drawing!

4. WWE Wrestling Fight Drawing

WWE Wrestling Fight Drawing

This drawing shows a defining moment in the wrestling match! Who do you think is going to win here? But wait, before the match ends, you must color this detailed wrestling drawing! So, are you ready with your colors?

5. Wrestling Sport Coloring Page

Wrestling Sport Coloring Page

Wrestling involves some tricky moves. Look at this player trying to lift and turn his opponent. This drawing has some exciting details to color in. You can use colored pencils or pens to reach the tiny corners of this illustration!

6. Lady Wrestling Drawing

Lady Wrestling Drawing

It looks like this lady wrestler just won the WWE belt in the final round! Let’s double the fun of her victory by adding bright and dramatic colors to this coloring sheet. What do you think?

7. Cartoon Wrestling Coloring Page

Cartoon Wrestling Coloring Page

See, the dogs are into wrestling too! This drawing shows a wrestling match going on between two cartoon dogs! It looks fun, right? You can finish this coloring page with vibrant colors like blue, yellow, orange, red, pink, green, purple, etc.

8. Simple Wrestling Drawing for Kids

Simple Wrestling Drawing for Kids

This simple wrestling drawing is perfect for younger kids who are starting off with coloring and drawing. The wide areas and fewer details will let them paint the printable coloring page freely!

9. WWE Lady Wrestling Drawing

WWE Lady Wrestling Drawing

Here is a stunning, detailed drawing of a lady wrestler. It looks like she is about to enter the wrestling ring and win the match. You can cheer her up using some bright, dynamic colors. What are your ideas?

Get Complete Wrestling Coloring Book PDF

If you want to keep your kids entertained for hours, get them the full, printable wrestling coloring book right now. It contains all nine incredible drawings that will enthrall them!

So, for kids who enjoy watching wrestling, this coloring book is a perfect activity to enhance their creativity and motor skills. But if your children are interested in ball sports, our Volleyball and Football Players Coloring Book will be a perfect gift for them.