Semi Truck Coloring Pages (12 Free Printable PDFs)

Do your kids like cars and trucks? If so, this collection of interesting semi trucks and trailers coloring pages is the perfect treat for them!

You can find excellent semi-truck drawings with exciting details, simple drawings with engaging backgrounds, and cartoon semi-truck drawings for your kids of all ages! Each of the drawings will provide them with an enjoyable coloring experience.

So, let’s take a look!

Best Semi Truck and Trailers Coloring Pages for Kids

1. Speeding Semi Truck Drawing

Speeding Semi Truck Drawing

Phew! The truck almost slipped. This truck’s driver is in a hurry! So, how do you like this detailed semi-truck illustration? Can you color inside the confined spaces? We think you can!

2. Semi Truck in the City

Semi Truck in the City

Have you ever seen a semi-truck in your city? If not, here’s another! This detailed drawing of a semi-truck driving through the city will provide a challenging yet enjoyable coloring experience.

So, what colors do you want to use here? Color pencils or crayons? Let’s try them both!

3. Easy Semi Truck Coloring Page

Easy Semi Truck Coloring Page

After the detailed drawings, let’s color a simple semi truck drawing! This illustration is ideal for young children because it allows you to scribble your colors however you like. You can use watercolors, sketch pens, or even crayons.

4. Simple Semi Truck on Highway

Simple Semi Truck on Highway

Looks like this semi truck is speeding down the highway! Can you show its speed with your colors? You can also draw some lines around it to display how fast it is…! Let us give it a shot!

5. Realistic Semi Truck Drawing 

Realistic Semi Truck Drawing

The city is under construction. What do you think this semi-truck was carrying? Whatever it was, it was put to use! But don’t worry; the truck is still here for you to color!

So, grab your coloring supplies and brighten up this loading truck!

6. Cartoon Semi Truck with Trailer

Cartoon Semi Truck with Trailer

Do you like cartoons? If you answered yes, this adorable semi truck drawing is for you! You can use any bright colors you want for this one!

And, by the way, don’t you think you should give this truck a name? You can write it on the nameplate. So, gather your colors and get to work!

7. Simple Semi Truck Coloring Sheet for Kids

Simple Semi Truck Coloring Sheet for Kids

Another simple and clean drawing of a semi-truck crossing a flyover. It will take a while for it to pass. But how long would it take you to color this incredible illustration in your favorite colors?

You can also draw details such as windows in distant buildings, cars on the road, and so on. So, are you going to give it a shot? Yay! Let’s go!

8. Cartoon Semi Truck Coloring Sheet 

Cartoon Semi Truck Coloring Sheet

Look at this! Did you ever think a semi-truck could look so cute? He seems to be having a good time while strolling around at sunset. Let’s add some color to cheer him up! He’s ready; are you? Let’s color!

9. Detailed Semi Truck Coloring Page

Detailed Semi Truck Coloring Page

Looks like the truck is stopping at a gas station! If you’ve successfully colored the above drawings, you would love coloring this highly detailed, realistic semi-truck drawing.

You can use sharp colored pencils to reach the tiny corners of this drawing! So, what are we holding out for? Shape your pencils and get ready to color!

10. Semi Truck with Trailer Drawing

Semi Truck with Trailer Drawing

This semi truck is hauling some heavy cargo in its trailer on these hill roads. The driver must be extremely cautious. But don’t worry! You don’t have to be too careful because it’s a simple drawing!

So, what colors would look best on this semi truck? And don’t forget about the background!

11. Cute Semi Truck in Fantasy World

Cute Semi Truck in Fantasy World

This semi truck is passing by the castle in his dreams! But he is upset for some reason. Should we do something about it? Do you think adding some colors would help? Well, we can give it a try!

12. Semi Truck with Trailer on the Outskirts

Semi Truck with Trailer on the Outskirts

Here’s another detailed drawing of a semi-truck on the outskirts with a trailer! Isn’t there a lot of detail to color here? So, where do you start? The road, the trees, the sky, or the truck?

Download the PDF of the Complete Semi Truck Coloring Book

You did the right thing by sticking with us up to this point! Because here, you can download the entire semi truck coloring book with all of the above amazing drawings. Do not miss it! The kids will enjoy it!

Semi Truck Coloring Pages

So, we hope your kids will have a good time coloring these exciting semi-truck coloring pages. This coloring treat is sure to leave your kids wanting more drawings to color. So, hop on to our Helicopter coloring pages and surprise your kids now!