Helicopter Coloring Pages & Book (12 Printable PDF Sheets)

Kids go crazy when they see a helicopter flying by. You’d even try to chase it occasionally. And why wouldn’t you? A helicopter in flight certainly looks fascinating. But have you ever attempted to draw or color a helicopter? If not, today is the day to do it!

We bring you a catalog of 12 incredible helicopter coloring pages with simple drawings for young kids and some richly detailed, realistic drawings for teens. So, set the table, bring out your best colors, and let’s color the Helicopter.

Fun Fact: As fascinating as a helicopter already is, it can also fly backwards and sideways. 

Amazing Helicopter Coloring Pages With Printable PDFs

1. Simple Helicopter Coloring Page

Simple Helicopter Coloring Page

Let’s start this coloring journey with a simple helicopter drawing with clean lines. All you need is the sky blue color for the sky and 2-3 of your favorite colors for the helicopter.

2. Cartoon Helicopter Drawing 

Cartoon Helicopter Drawing

This adorable helicopter is delighted to see his pal in the city. So let’s make him even happier by adding some colors to this simple cartoon helicopter coloring page.

3. Detailed Helicopter Illustration for Adult Kids

Detailed Helicopter Illustration for Adult Kids

Now that you’ve successfully colored a simple cartoon drawing let’s color in the fine details of this detailed military helicopter with heavy rotors. This realistic drawing will look excellent with camouflage patterns.

4. A Landing Helicopter Drawing

A Landing Helicopter Drawing

So, this ultralight helicopter is getting down near some mountains. This chopper has a broader window for better vision. But doesn’t it look too bland?

Well, you can turn this black and white drawing into a colorful illustration in just a few minutes! So, let’s do it!

5. Realistic Helicopter on Helipad

Realistic Helicopter on Helipad

Experience an amazing coloring experience with this detailed realistic helicopter drawing! So, which color do you want your helicopter to be?

6. Cute Helicopter Flying Over the Ocean

Cute Helicopter Flying Over the Ocean

This cute little helicopter is flying over a huge ocean at sunset! To color in this cartoon drawing, use yellow and orange for the sunset, sky blue for the sky, blue for the river, and your favorite color for the HELICOPTER!

7. Easy Helicopter Drawing for Kids

Easy Helicopter Drawing for Kids

This simple aircraft drawing is perfect for young kids to learn to color and have fun. The wide spaces in the drawing will allow you to scribble their strokes freely. And, you can also add some more details if you like!

8. Realistic Helicopter Coloring Page

Realistic Helicopter Coloring Page

Have you seen a helicopter fly sideways? If not, then here it is! Now grab your colors and fill this detailed coloring sheet with some bright colors!

9. Detailed Ultralight Helicopter Coloring Drawing

Detailed Ultralight Helicopter Coloring Drawing

An attractive, ultralight helicopter is landing in the open right now. Looks fantastic, no? But do you think you could color this detailed drawing? What kinds of colors would you use?

10. Cat Piloting a Helicopter

Cat Piloting a Helicopter

Can a cat pilot a helicopter? We now know that she can definitely! But can you color this illustration? We believe that you can.

So bring your favorite colored pencils or sketch pens, and start coloring this comic drawing right away!

11. Helicopter Flying High in the Sky

Helicopter Flying High in the Sky

This is how a flying helicopter looks from below. You can make this drawing more dramatic by using dark colors for the background. Or do you have any other creative ideas?

12. Rescue Helicopter on a Mission

Rescue Helicopter on a Mission

This rescue chopper is huge! And the searchlight at the bottom will allow us to see things in the dark. But how can you make a dark background?

For this, you can choose dark blue or violet if you like, but you can also experiment with other interesting background elements.

Download Complete Helicopter Coloring Book PDF for Free

If you want the entire collection of these high-quality helicopter coloring pages. Then go ahead and download this free helicopter coloring book and surprise your kids with some awesome aircraft drawings.

Helicopter Coloring Pages

So, we hope these drawings got you very excited about coloring these helicopter coloring pages. This collection will entertain kids of all age groups. Also, you can download the whole helicopter coloring book as well as single printable PDF files.

So, what are you still waiting for? Download these, and let’s color the world! And if you are interested in bikes, then you’d definitely like our collection of dirt bike coloring pages.