Garbage Truck Coloring Pages for Kids (12 Printable PDFs)

A garbage truck is a vehicle that gathers garbage from municipalities and transports it to landfills or recycling centers. Bet, telling this may not be the best way to teach children about this important vehicle.

So, what do you do? Just relax and use this garbage truck coloring book!

This fantastic collection of 12 printable garbage truck coloring pages is jam-packed with exciting drawings with various features and backgrounds that your children will never tire of!

Latest Garbage Truck Coloring Pages PDF Downloads

1. Simple Garbage Truck Coloring Page

Simple Garbage Truck Coloring Page

Let’s start with a simple garbage truck drawing with clear outlines. This illustration is free from heavy details, so you can paint it with whichever colors you choose! You can even add extra features if you want!

2. Realistic Garbage Truck

Realistic Garbage Truck

This is a detailed, realistic drawing of a garbage truck driving down a slope! Isn’t it fascinating? Coloring in all of the details of this stunning drawing will be a challenging yet fulfilling experience!

3. Preschool Garbage Truck Drawing

Preschool Garbage Truck Drawing

This easy-peasy 2-D truck illustration is perfect for preschoolers who are just starting out with sketching and coloring! Simply ask them to choose their favorite colors and use steady strokes to fill up the drawing.

4. Garbage Truck Coloring Sheet

Garbage Truck Coloring Sheet

This smart garbage truck is driving across the city, collecting all municipal waste. Let’s color it before it turns and leaves! You can use pencil colors to fill in the fine details. What do you think?

5. Cute Garbage Truck Drawing for Toddlers

Cute Garbage Truck Drawing for Toddlers

Garbage is always afraid of garbage trucks. Look at how the truck is chasing the empty packet down the street! Let us color this page to make this illustration even cuter.

You can write a good message and use this drawing to educate your friends about the importance of not littering the streets.

6. Detailed Dump Truck Coloring Page

Detailed Dump Truck Coloring Page

This child is well-mannered and knows where to dispose of trash. So, let’s treat him by coloring in this detailed garbage truck drawing with vibrant colors! So, have you decided on the colors?

7. Garbage Truck Picking Up the Trash

Garbage Truck Picking Up the Trash

This modern garbage collection truck is on the job. Look at how the mechanical hand empties the trash cans into the truck! Can you color this complicated drawing? What color would you choose for this?

8. Easy Waste Truck Drawing

Easy Waste Truck Drawing

Here’s another easy garbage truck drawing! Color the vehicle, the uneven ground, and the sky using your favorite colors! You can draw more elements in the background, too!

9. Cartoon Garbage Truck Illustration

Cartoon Garbage Truck Illustration

Look how delighted this cute garbage truck is after unloading all the trash he was carrying! He is excited about his new job!

Are you excited to color him? If so, then collect your coloring tools and make him bright and colorful before he heads out for another garbage pickup run!

10. Lady Throwing Trash in a Truck

Lady Throwing Trash in a Truck

This complex drawing can be used as a poster for extracurricular activities at your school, where you can educate everyone on how to dump rubbish in the garbage truck!

But first, add some colors to make the drawing more colorful and enticing!

11. Adorable Truck Carrying the Garbage

Adorable Truck Carrying the Garbage

This lovely little garbage truck is collecting up trash on its own and transporting it to landfills. So let us appreciate his efforts by showering him with bright colors! Are you ready?

12. Old Garbage Truck

Old Garbage Truck

This is a detailed drawing of a garbage truck at a landfill where all trash is disposed of. Look at that enormous trash heap behind it! Can you color this picture? Where will you begin? Let’s see!

Get the Complete Garbage Truck Coloring Book PDF

When children love something, they want it all! And we’re sure they’ll love this collection of garbage truck drawings. So, grab the entire coloring book and treat them to hours of entertainment and creativity.

Garbage Truck Coloring Pages

This garbage truck coloring book will be a fantastic way to teach children about municipal cleaning! After that, if you want more exciting vehicle drawings for them, pick out our Ambulance and Semi Truck Coloring Books right away!