Ambulance Coloring Pages for Kids (12 Free Printable PDFs)

An ambulance is an important vehicle to teach children about! And this collection of 12 fantastic Ambulance coloring pages is one of the best ways to do it!

The unique ambulance illustrations with rich backgrounds and details in this coloring book will entice children to take part in this enjoyable coloring activity.

Best Ambulance Coloring Pages and Book PDFs

1. Easy Ambulance Coloring Page

Easy Ambulance Coloring Page

Here is a simple and clean ambulance drawing with wide areas and lesser details to start with. You can color this artwork with crayons, pastels, or even watercolors!

2. Scared Cute Ambulance Drawing

Scared Cute Ambulance Drawing

This ambulance looks sad! Perhaps he witnessed an accident, but it’s his job! Let’s cheer him up a little by coloring him. Which color would you pick for him?

3. Realistic EMS Ambulance Coloring Page

Realistic EMS Ambulance Coloring Page

This realistic detailed drawing of an ambulance and a doctor is excellent for children to practice complex coloring skills. The small details will help them enhance their motor skills and precision.

4. Emergency Service Ambulance Coloring Page

Emergency Service Ambulance Coloring Page

This drawing accurately shows how an ambulance and doctors deliver emergency services to those in need. So grab your coloring supplies and color this realistic ambulance coloring sheet.

5. Ambulance on the Road

Ambulance on the Road

This ambulance is rushing to save someone, and it’s in a hurry! So hurry up and color this with some vibrant colors right now!

You can also draw some more details in the drawing. Do you have any ideas?

6. Cartoon Ambulance Coloring Sheet

Cartoon Ambulance Coloring Sheet

Looks like this ambulance is driving back home after work and having a good time! Let’s spice up his day more with some bright colors!

7. Detailed Drawing of an EMS Ambulance

Detailed Drawing of an EMS Ambulance

Another detailed, realistic ambulance drawing, this time with physicians and nurses. How fast can you color this illustration? Let’s see! You can also add more doctors if you like!

8. Inside the Ambulance

Inside the Ambulance

So, this is how an ambulance looks from the inside. It has a stretcher, an IV stand, an oxygen concentrator, first aid kits, and so on.

This ambulance drawing needs a lot of work. Are you ready? Let’s begin coloring!

9. Preschool Ambulance Coloring Page

Preschool Ambulance Coloring Page

Look, the pig was hurt, but the ambulance came to help! Isn’t it adorable? Let’s add more color to this drawing to make it more vivid and cute. What colors would you like to use?

10. Realistic Ambulance Drawing for Kids

Realistic Ambulance Drawing for Kids

Here’s a realistic illustration of nurses carrying a patient into an ambulance! Can you use your colors to make this drawing more realistic? You can color in those tiny areas with colored pencils. What do you think?

11. Simple Ambulance Coloring Sheet

Simple Ambulance Coloring Sheet

This simple drawing will allow you to color freely! So you can sit back and relax while coloring this simple ambulance artwork. Have you selected your colors yet?

12. Big Ambulance drawing

Big Ambulance drawing

Finally, there is a drawing of a huge ambulance parked in the yard. It has some lovely details for you to color in! So, gather your best colors and create the best ambulance drawing!

Get the Whole Ambulance Coloring Book PDF for Free

This incredible ambulance collection will undoubtedly leave your children wanting more. So go ahead and get the entire coloring book for them right now!

Ambulance Coloring Pages

So we’ve reached the finish of this fantastic ambulance coloring book. We hope you and your child have fun doing this activity together. You can surprise children with more interesting pictures and artwork, like our Jeep and Skateboard Coloring Books!