Triangle Coloring Pages and Book for Kids (Printable PDFs)

Teaching children about common geometrical shapes can be tricky! But, if you do it properly, they will enjoy learning and understanding the shapes. And to help you with that, we’ve brought a fantastic Triangles coloring book!

This wonderful collection includes 15 distinct triangle drawings of moderate complexity. So kids can relax and enjoy learning about different triangles and triangular objects!

Best Printable Triangle Coloring Pages Downloads for Free

1. Simple Triangle Shapes Coloring Page

Simple Triangle Shapes Coloring Page

A simple drawing of three triangle shapes would be a great place to start learning about this interesting shape, right? All you have to do is grab your colors and start filling in the shapes!

2. Triangles on a Plane

Triangles on a Plane

Here are some more triangles for you to use, which means you may add more colors! If you like, color the backdrop plane a light color! So, are you ready?

3. A Triangle Sandwich Drawing

A Triangle Sandwich Drawing

When it comes to triangles, you can’t miss a neatly cut triangular sandwich stuffed with tasty veggies and cheese. So there you have it! Make your favorite sandwich by coloring it!

This drawing also includes a circular shape. Can you see where it is? Let’s color it as well!

4. Complex Triangle Illustration 

Complex Triangle Illustration

Do you see how the intersecting triangles create little new triangles in between? This artwork is a little challenging, but you can do it!

You’d have a lot of triangular shapes to color! But can you count them?

5. A Triangular Tent

A Triangular Tent

Yes! A tent also looks like a triangle in a 2-d plane! Even the conical trees and mountains have a rough triangle shape, right? So, now that you’ve found a wonderful coloring sheet with a bunch of triangle objects let’s get coloring!

6. Triangle Pizza Slice Drawing

Triangle Pizza Slice Drawing

Look at that delicious Pizza slice! Yes, a single pizza slice is a triangle shape! So now that you know it, let’s color this interesting cheesy pizza triangle drawing!

7. Flamingo Made with Triangles

Flamingo Made with Triangles

Look at this incredible flamingo artwork made entirely of triangles! This intricate coloring page has a lot of triangles for you to color! Use different shades of pink for this drawing to make it more realistic!

You can add more objects to the background, such as clouds. But try drawing them with only tiny triangles!

8. Cute Triangle Coloring Page

Cute Triangle Coloring Page

Mr. Triangle is waving to you! Perhaps he wants to chat about painting himself and his home! And we can do that, right? So, why wait? Get your coloring supplies and start coloring him right away!

9. Toddler Triangle Coloring Sheet

Toddler Triangle Coloring Sheet

What could be easier to color than 2 big triangles? This coloring sheet will be completed in no time! You can also add more triangles of various sizes to the background! So, grab your pencils and colors, and let your creativity fly!

10. Triangle Birthday Cap

Triangle Birthday Cap

What else is triangular? A nice birthday cap! It is conical in shape, but it looks like a perfect triangle on a two-dimensional plane. There’s even a cylindrical birthday cake in the back!

But don’t worry! Let’s focus on coloring the triangle hats! But don’t forget to color the cake!

11. Triangle Cartoon Drawing

Triangle Cartoon Drawing

Look at that adorable and confused little triangle in the park! He seems to have witnessed something fascinating! Let’s add some color to him to make him even cuter! Which ones do you want to use?

12. Triangular Dinner Bell Drawing

Triangular Dinner Bell Drawing

A dinner bell is another object with a perfect triangle shape! And it looks like dinner is also ready! But before you leave for dinner, don’t forget to color this unique triangle coloring page!

13. A Triangular Christmas Tree

A Triangular Christmas Tree

Did you notice that even the Christmas tree has a triangle shape when drawn on paper? And look at those triangular presents! So let’s use your magical colors to make this Christmas drawing more pleasant!

14. Triangle Plant Drawing

Triangle Plant Drawing

Here’s another detailed drawing of a triangle-based object! Do you know what it is? That’s right! It’s a gorgeous houseplant by the window!

You may color the leaves and the container with different shades of green and brown! Don’t forget to paint the corner as well!

15. Preschooler Triangle Coloring Page

Preschooler Triangle Coloring Page

Another simple triangle sketch for the kids! The large spaces in this drawing are excellent for kids to color without worrying about straying from the lines!

Download the Full Triangle Coloring Book for Free

This fascinating set of triangle coloring pages is perfect for introducing toddlers to the triangle shape. You can give them single coloring sheets, starting with the simplest! Or, go all out and give them the entire triangle coloring book so they may begin with whatever they choose!

So, we hope you liked using this nice coloring book to teach your children about shapes. You can also teach kids about circle shapes with our Circles Coloring Book!