Circle Coloring Pages and Book (12 Free Printable PDFs)

Teaching kids about shapes can be tricky, but not when done correctly! So, if you want to teach your little ones about basic geometric shapes, start with the easiest one, the circle. And this circle coloring pages collection will come in handy!

This fantastic set of 12 printable circle coloring sheets features drawings ranging from simple 2-D circles to complex circular Mandalas! Your youngsters will definitely like this delightful learning activity!

Best Circle Coloring Pages PDF Downloads

1. Simple Circle Coloring Page

Simple Circle Coloring Page

Let’s begin with coloring some different size simple circles! This drawing is a perfect canvas for youngsters to scribble their colors!

For this one, you can use crayons, sketch pens, or even watercolors! And how about drawing a few more small circles inside the big ones?

2. Simple Circle Design

Simple Circle Design

This drawing may look challenging, but it isn’t! Color the segments of each circle in different colors and use other dark colors for the overlapping areas to fill out this circle coloring page. Do you have any other ideas? Let’s see!

3. Basketball Coloring Page

Basketball Coloring Page

What is that one thing that comes to mind when we say round? Of course, a ball! So, here is a simple and perfectly round basketball drawing for you to color.

Do you know what color a basketball is? It’s dark orange! And hey, don’t forget to color the drum!

4. Round Cookies Drawing for Kids

Round Cookies Drawing for Kids

Don’t these round and delectable cookies look enticing, right? So, let’s add some color to this circle object coloring page to make it more exciting! So, what kind of cookies would you like to make?

5. Simple Circular Ladybug Drawing 

Simple Circular Ladybug Drawing

Have you ever seen a ladybug from this close? Here it is! It is a cute, round insect that lives on leaves! And its dark red shell with black spots looks perfect!

So, grab all the required colors, especially red, black, and green, and start coloring!

6. Cute Circle Cartoon Coloring Sheet

Cute Circle Cartoon Coloring Sheet

Let’s color some circle cartoons! This drawing has vast areas to let you color freely in them. So, gather your coloring supplies, sit back, and color this cute drawing!

7. Easy Circle Drawings

Easy Circle Drawings

Another simple circular coloring sheet with large areas! But wait, let’s add some features and turn these circles into lovely planets! You can add an oval ring around the largest circle! What are your thoughts?

8. Round Donuts Drawing

Round Donuts Drawing

Here’s a simple drawing of two perfectly round donuts with sprinkles for you! You can customize these doughnuts by using different colors. So, which donut will you make?

9. Mr. Circle Cartoon Drawing

Mr. Circle Cartoon Drawing

Let us welcome Mr. Circle to this coloring adventure! He is very excited to join you. Are you excited to add some colors to him? Let’s see what you’ve got in your mind!

10. Detailed Circle Drawing

Detailed Circle Drawing

After coloring simple and clean circle drawings, it’s time to take the next step and color this complex circle drawing with a unique design. There is a lot of effort on this coloring sheet. Are your colors ready?

11. Circle Mandala Coloring Page

Circle Mandala Coloring Page

This circular mandala drawing is perfect for kids who like challenges! The confined areas in this coloring page need very steady color strokes.

You can color the fine details of this drawing with pencil colors. Or do you have any other suggestions?

12. Simple Circle Design for Kids

Simple Circle Design for Kids

What do you think it is? A wheel? A bearing? Or a basic circular design? You can make whatever you want with your colors! So, grab your coloring kit and let your imagination take over!

Download the Complete Circle Coloring Book PDF for Free

This engaging collection of circle illustrations is available as high-quality, single coloring sheets. Instead, you may get the entire coloring book for your children’s uninterrupted fun and learning!

Circle Coloring Pages

This circle coloring book is an excellent way to introduce kids to geometric shapes. And when it comes to circles and round things, you cannot forget Lemons. So, teach children about this fruit with our exciting Lemon coloring book!