Mittens Coloring Pages for Kids (13 Printable PDFs)

Winter, snow, and mittens go together. And because children enjoy playing in the snow, they want the nicest pair of mittens. So, we’ve brought you this unique set of Mitten coloring pages that your kids won’t want to miss!

This collection includes 13 fascinating simple and realistic mitten drawings with various patterns to engage kids of all ages in this learning activity! Let’s start!

Best Winter Mitten Coloring Pages and Book PDF Download for Free

1. Easy Mitten Coloring Page

Easy Mitten Coloring Page

This is a lovely and cozy pair of mittens with hearts all over them! Looks cute, don’t you think? But, let’s make them prettier with your colors! You can go with a lighter primary color with red or pink hearts! Do you have other ideas?

2. Single Mitten Drawing

Single Mitten Drawing

Someone had left one of their mittens on the table. They might be looking for it, right? Let’s catch them off guard by transforming this black and white mitten into a lovely, colorful one!

3. Christmas Mittens Hanging on Wire

Christmas Mittens Hanging on Wire

Look! The Christmas Mittens are hung above the fireplace! This detailed coloring page is a good place to start with challenging coloring. But don’t worry! You’ve got this!

You can color this page in your favorite colors and hang it in your room!

4. Realistic Mittens Coloring Sheet

Realistic Mittens Coloring Sheet

This is a new pair of hand-knit mittens. The knitter did a great job with the detailed design! Now, let us do our job of adding some vibrant colors to this mitten coloring page! Shall we?

5. A Pair of Beautiful Winter Mittens

A Pair of Beautiful Winter Mittens

Another excellent drawing of a lovely pair of mittens with snowflakes in the backdrop! This mitten picture is simple, and you can do it quickly! So, let’s get started!

6. Cartoon Wearing Mittens

Cartoon Wearing Mittens

Look how happy the Hippo is with his new mittens! But something is lacking from the cartoon mitten drawing! Is it colors? Yes!

So, bring out your coloring supplies and make this adorable hippo and his mittens colorful!

7. Mittens Holding a Mug

Mittens Holding a Mug

Now, those are some incredibly fashionable mitts! They also seem to be comfortable and cozy! Which colors do you think would look best on this cool pair of mittens?

8. Detailed Mitten Coloring Page

Detailed Mitten Coloring Page

Let’s take a step further and work on this highly intricate mitten drawing. You can use sharp colored pencils to color the tiny details in this complex drawing.

Don’t worry! If you mess up, you can get another coloring sheet anytime! So, grab your colors and let your imagination fly!

9. Printed Mittens Drawing

Printed Mittens Drawing

Another close-up drawing of funky printed mittens for you! While the person wearing those mittens is having breakfast, let’s add some color to this fantastic mitten illustration! Are you ready?

10. Simple Mitten Coloring Page

Simple Mitten Coloring Page

Someone is playing with snowballs while wearing those wonderful mittens! Isn’t that what the mittens are for? But this drawing lacks some color. Can you add them?

What about adding some features to the background? But don’t color the snowball!

11. Mouse Playing with Mitten

Mouse Playing with Mitten

This cute little mouse wants to take this mitten home! But let’s color him and his favorite mitten he sneaks it away! How do you like this mitten to look?

12. Winter Mittens Coloring Page

Winter Mittens Coloring Page

These mittens look really interesting with the wavy patterns and fine striped prints! But we must add some colors to make them more interesting, right? So, grab your coloring kit and get started!

13. Single Detailed Winter Glove Drawing

Single Detailed Winter Glove Drawing

Let’s wrap out this chilly coloring adventure with this exquisite mitten design! You can use any colors you haven’t already used. But remember to color within the lines! Have a good time!

Get the Full Mittens Coloring Book PDF for Free

If you wish to engage your children in this entertaining hobby, download and print this complete mitten coloring book and surprise them now! You can also keep things simple for them by using single coloring sheets!

Mittens Coloring Book

So, we hope your kids loved this collection of mitten coloring sheets and that you all had a fun time finishing this task! If you want more exciting coloring drawings for them, get our backpack coloring book right away!