Backpack Coloring Pages & Book (14 Printable PDFs)

Backpacks have utility, especially for school-going kids. It is no less than a style statement for them, and they want their bags to look just perfect.

So, we are here with a beautiful collection of backpack coloring pages. It will give your kids some easy and challenging backpack drawings to have fun with and a little inspiration for their new backpacks.

You can download these 14 free backpack coloring pages or the whole coloring book and help kids make the most of their free time. So let us get started.

Best Backpack Coloring Pages and Book for Kids

1. A Big Sleek Backpack Drawing

A Big Sleek Backpack Drawing

This is a simple backpack drawing but with some wide spaces to color. So, you can use watercolors or crayons to fill this one in.

You can even use the empty name tag to sign your name once you are done. Happy coloring!

2. The Detailed Backpack Drawing

The Detailed Backpack Drawing

Here is a very stylish backpack for you to color, with all the designs and details. You can use your colored pencils or sketch pens to get into all the corners and lines. What colors will you pick?

3. Monkey and his Backpack

Monkey and his Backpack

Do you think the monkey is going to school with this backpack on his back? Well, he might not get late for school, but you might If you don’t come over fast with your color box.

Get coloring this picture before he finds a branch and hops away with this beautiful backpack.

4. Spiderman Backpack Coloring Page

Spiderman Backpack Coloring Page

If you love superheroes, you’re definitely going to love this spiderman backpack coloring page with fine details to color in. There is something more fun; you can use any color you like apart from just red and blue.

Did you get your superpowers? Yes, your colors are your superpower. Get! Set! Color!

5. A Stylish Backpack Coloring Page

A Stylish Backpack Coloring Page

This pretty backpack drawing is perfect for all the little girls out there. You can choose some light colors like pink, sky blue, orange, etc., for this backpack and make it even prettier!

6. Inside a Cute Backpack

Inside a Cute Backpack

What all do you carry in your backpack? This cute backpack seems to carry so many books, and you can color them all, right? We bet you have colors in your bag. So why not take them out and color this drawing?

7. A Detailed Backpack Illustration

A Detailed Backpack Illustration

This detailed backpack coloring sheet will give you something challenging to do. Can you spot a laptop in the picture? What colors would you like on your laptop and backpack? Come on, show us!

8. A Backpack on the Table

A Backpack on the Table

Someone seems to carry a lot of books. But they all look boring without colors, no? Backpacks and books are so much more enjoyable with colors.

So hurry up, find your colors and surprise everyone by coloring this drawing with bright, beautiful colors.

9. Two Detailed Backpacks Picture

Two Detailed Backpacks Picture

Here you have two stylish backpacks. But don’t worry! We won’t ask you to choose. Instead, you can color both the backpacks on the coloring page and run wild.

You can also add some other elements to the empty background in the picture. So, in which bag did you keep your colors?

10. A Backpack on a Chair

A Backpack on a Chair

Someone left their backpack on this chair. What can we do? Let’s color this until they return to their bag, but more beautiful. You would need your colors, wouldn’t you?

11. A Cartoon Backpack Coloring Page

Cartoon Backpack Coloring Page

What is this backpack cartoon looking at? Is it a coloring book like this one you are coloring? Even if it’s not, we can still make it more exciting with some bright colors. So he never gets bored again. So, what are your plans?

12. A Stylish Backpack Drawing

A Stylish Backpack Drawing

This backpack looks stylish, no? It has a ribbon, flap cover, and small cute pockets sitting on a counter. What colors do you think would suit this stylish backpack drawing?

13. Cartoon Backpack Coloring Page

Cartoon Backpack Coloring Sheet

Ohh, it’s a bunny-teeth backpack with a pulley out on a walk in the city. Would you like a bag on tires that you can drive around? Then, Get, Set, Coloring!

14. Girl with a Cute Backpack Coloring Page

Girl with a Cute Backpack

What a cute little backpack this girl is carrying! It would be fun coloring this simple coloring page, and you can use any type of colors you want to use. She won’t mind. And yes, don’t forget to color this girl, too!

Download Full Backpack Coloring Book Printable PDF

These coloring pages can be separately downloaded and printed. But why pick just one when you can have this entire backpack coloring book for your kid to enjoy? So, download the book now and let them explore their creativity!

Backpack Coloring Pages

We hope that these backpack drawings offered a challenging as well as fun coloring experience for kids. The different simple and detailed drawings in this set are sure to appeal to kids of all ages. So, download the set now and get started!

And if you want something more animated and cute coloring pages for kids, don’t think twice. Here is a link to our Pitbull coloring book.