Sneakers Coloring Pages (13 Free Printable PDFs)

If there is one accessory children take seriously, that is sneakers. Be it a boy or girl, every kid wants the best sneakers in the world. So, we bring this collection of sneaker coloring pages to feed their creativity and a little of their obsession.

This book comprises 13 stylish sneaker illustrations with different designs and backgrounds to entice kids! So, let’s dive into this fashionable universe of sneaker coloring pages!

Best Sneaker Coloring Pages Collection For Kids

1. Simple Sneaker Coloring Page

Simple Sneaker Coloring Page

Here is a simple slip-on sneaker sketch for you to color. Its broad areas and smooth outlines will make coloring easier. But what colors do you think will make this drawing stand out?

2. Classic Lace Sneaker Drawing

Classic Lace Sneaker Drawing

This classic lace sneaker illustration will win your heart. The wavy lines on top and the sharper finish around the edges will test your control and skills as you fill those in. So, let the coloring game begin!

3. New Sneakers in a Box 

New Sneakers in a Box

What’s a warmer welcome than new sneakers? Nothing, right? Their thick soles and thunder patterns make them a force to reckon with, and we know your coloring skills are no less than thunder. So, let’s color this sneaker illustration!

4. Sneakers in Shoe Racks

Sneakers in Shoe Racks

It looks like we have a few sneakers, in different designs, on a rack. So, while these sneakers take some rest from walking, you can color all of them in your favorite colors.

So, let’s get coloring!

5. Football Sneaker Coloring Page

Football Sneaker Coloring Page

Here is a pair of sneakers hanging on a wire. This pair looks so cool with that star logo and high zig-zag sole that you need to wear them and go out for a walk immediately.

But before you do that, why not make them look cooler using some colors? What colors do you think will work best? Let’s see.

6. Hello! Kitty Girls’ Sneakers

Hello! Kitty Girls’ Sneakers

Look how cute the kitty looks! Any girl would want this pair of sneakers, right? But it will look more adorable when given some colors. So, add your favorite colors to this drawing and turn it into your dream sneakers!

7. Single Sneaker Drawing

Single Sneaker Drawing

Here is a bit of a challenging coloring page for you, a sneaker drawing with sharp lines crossing over each other. You can use pencil colors or sharpened crayons to fill in this sneaker illustration.

And you can draw some additional elements in the background. So, why wait? Get in there with your colors!

8. A Cool Velcro Sneaker Coloring Sketch

A Cool Velcro Sneaker Coloring Sketch

You can take a minute to marvel at this beautiful, detailed sneaker illustration! Its sleek shape and wide velcro straps can be colored in various shades. So, let’s see how you want to fill this coloring page!

9. Simple Sneaker Coloring Sheet 

Simple Sneaker Coloring Sheet

This simple sneaker illustration is perfect for young kids to color. You can try monochrome shades for waves and a different shade to contrast the sole.

And why not draw a foot on the run inside the sneaker and make it 3-D? But let’s get started on the coloring first!

10. A Cute Sneaker Drawing

A Cute Sneaker Drawing

Just glancing at it makes you think you have to have this sneaker, doesn’t it? The lace going around it makes it look cool. But be careful while coloring in those thin strips! Don’t worry! Use steady strokes, and you got this!

11. Easy Sneaker Coloring Sheet for Kids

Easy Sneaker Coloring Sheet for Kids

Here is a simple sneaker coloring page after that beautiful but complex one. You can make this daily wear sneaker lively with the help of colors sitting at your table. So, get, set, Color!

12. Realistic Sneaker Coloring Page

Realistic Sneaker Coloring Page

This sneaker drawing is a classic. Whether you may prefer laced, velcro, or slip-on sneakers, you would agree that you can wear these laced sneakers anywhere. But first, let’s color this illustration, and don’t forget to color those eyes!

13. Human Wearing Sneakers

Human Wearing Sneakers

You must be exclaiming, ‘finally, a pair of feet inside the sneakers!’ This coloring page will give you a lot to work on with these decorated and stylish sneakers, the trouser, and that half shirt sleeve!

So, are you ready with your colors for this last mission?

Download Free Sneakers Coloring Book PDF

These unique sneaker coloring pages would leave your kids wanting more. So, it’s best to download the whole coloring book and give them something to create and keep!

Sneakers Coloring Pages

We hope these Sneaker illustrations give your kids an activity that helps them concentrate and allows their creativity to run around. And after devouring these, if they still come asking for more, we have got an exciting Rainy Day Coloring Book you can check!