Planets Coloring Pages for Kids (12 Free Printable PDFs)

Kids are always intrigued about space, stars, and planets. The twinkling dots in the night sky always catch their attention. So, if you want to educate your kids about the planets, there’s no better place to start than with this interesting planets coloring book!

This stunning collection of printable planet coloring pages includes 12 amazing simple and detailed planet drawings that will give kids their own universe to color! So, let’s explore the universe!

Amazing Planet Coloring Pages and Book PDF Downloads

1. Simple Earth Drawing for Kids

Simple Earth Drawing for Kids

Let’s begin this incredible space coloring adventure with our home planet, Earth! This simple earth planet drawing has large areas that you may easily color!

You know what colors you need, right? So take these and get to the coloring right away!

2. Easy Planets Coloring Page

Easy Planets Coloring Page

Here’s a basic illustration of planets floating in space for you to color! Do you know what these planets are? Yes? Then take your coloring kit and start coloring!

3. Planets and Stars Drawing

Planets and Stars Drawing

Let’s color another stunning yet basic planet drawing from space! Are your colors ready? Then pour them on this drawing!

4. Simple Mars Coloring Page

Simple Mars Coloring Page

Did you recognize this big planet? We’ll give you a hint: it’s red! Yes, Mars! So, now that you know the planet and its color, go ahead and grab your coloring kit and make this page colorful!

You can even make the background dark blue and the beginning light yellow! Are you prepared?

5. Cute Solar System Coloring Page

Cute Solar System Coloring Page

Look at these adorable planets circling the sun! They’re all having a good time floating around in their orbits. So, why not have a little fun coloring them? Let us make them more alive and exciting!

6. Easy Planet Illustration

Easy Planet Illustration

Do you know which planets have rings around them? Is this Uranus, Jupiter, Neptune, or Saturn? So, you can turn this black and white planet into your favorite planet with rings. So, which one will you create?

7. Detailed Planets Drawing

Detailed Planets Drawing

Let’s take a step further and color this incredible realistic planets sketch! This coloring has many tiny details to color in. You can use sharp colored pencils for this one! Or do you have any other ideas?

8. Preschool Planets Coloring Page

Preschool Planets Coloring Page

This simple and engaging planet coloring page is perfect for teaching preschoolers about planets and space! The crisp outlines and large coloring areas will allow children to scribble freely!

9. Cartoon Planets Coloring Page

Cartoon Planets Coloring Page

Here are some cute planet cartoons for you to enjoy! But first, they need some colors. So gather your coloring supplies and fill them with vivid colors!

10. Group Planets Drawing

Group Planets Drawing

Are you excited to color another set of planets? Let’s get started! This easy planets coloring page is a lot of fun to color with any color medium! So, what colors would you choose?

11. Realistic Solar System Coloring Sheet

Realistic Solar System Coloring Sheet

This is how unique our solar system is! And this is without the colors; imagine how stunning it will look with some colors! So, let’s add the colors!

12. Planets Coloring Sheet

Planets Coloring Sheet

Let us conclude this journey with yet another simple drawing of various planets! So, gather your colors and fill in the planets. You may also write the names of the planets beneath them!

Get the Full Planets Coloring Book

You can get this fantastic collection of planets coloring pages as individual coloring sheets or an entire coloring book to offer your children all the fun they need! So, get the book now!

Planets Coloring Pages

So, we hope your kids had a great time coloring these fascinating yet simple planets coloring sheets! And if you want to encourage their interest in space with a more exciting and detailed coloring activity, pick up our spaceship coloring book right away!