Marshmallow Coloring Pages for Kids (12 Printable PDFs)

Marshmallow is one of the kids’ favorite sweet treats. They’ll eat marshmallows with almost anything! And why not? These soft and fluffy white sponge-like treats are literally delicious! Plus, don’t they look adorable?

So, if you like marshmallows, this is the place for you! Here, you will find some interesting Marshmallow coloring pages to download, print, and color! So, let’s explore some high-quality, exciting drawings of tasty marshmallows and splash some color on them!

Tip: Use light and pastel shades for coloring in the marshmallows!

Best Marshmallow Coloring Pages and Book PDF

1. Twisted Marshmallow Candies on Plate

Twisted Marshmallow Candies on Plate

Here are some delicious, twisted marshmallows for you! Which colors do you want these candies to be? And, what are your ideas for the background?

2. Marshmallows With a Cupcake

Marshmallows With a Cupcake

You simply cannot resist coloring this delicious marshmallow drawing. Even without the colors, it’s mouth-watering; imagine what it’ll look like after coloring it!

Let’s make a red velvet cupcake with colored marshmallows. Do you have any other flavors in mind?

3. Marshmallow in a Coffee Mug

Marshmallow in a Coffee Mug

This simple drawing of marshmallows in a coffee mug can be a good start for kids! All you need to do is take your colored pens or pencils and start scribbling them on the drawing. You can even draw some cool designs on the mug!

4. A Pile of Marshmallows in a Bowl

A Pile of Marshmallows in a Bowl

This simple marshmallow drawing has so many marshmallow candies that you can color in, which means you can use each and every color that you have. So, what’s the wait for?

5. A Jar Full of Marshmallows 

A Jar Full of Marshmallows

Someone has kept the marshmallows in a jar. But when coloring this detailed drawing, leave out the jar so that the marshmallow candies are visible. But you can certainly color the cookies, right? So, what flavors would you like them to be?

6. Simple Marshmallow Coloring Page

Simple Marshmallow Coloring Page

This plain and easy marshmallow coloring page is perfect for young kids! You can use light crayons to fill in the wide spaces of this drawing. Or do you have any other ideas?

7. Cute Marshmallow Drawing

Cute Marshmallow Drawing

This adorable marshmallow is strolling in his fantasy world! So let’s color his fantasy world to make it more exciting. And, hey! Don’t forget to color the backpack!

8. Cartoon Marshmallow Coloring Page

Cartoon Marshmallow Coloring Page

This cartoon marshmallow is surprised! And his friends are stuck in the coffee mug. Looks adorable, right? Well, let’s see how it looks with some vibrant colors in it.

9. Roasting Marshmallows Drawing 

Roasting Marshmallows Drawing

Someone is roasting marshmallows! The flames look so realistic, right? You can make detailed drawings even more realistic using some color shading here. Let’s try it right away!

10. Marshmallows on Bread

Marshmallows on Bread

Bread, jam, and marshmallows make one of the most delicious combinations ever. Have you tried it yet? Well, you must! But before that, you must color this detailed coloring sheet.

You can use light shades for the bread and marshmallows and some dark colors for the grilling background. Do you want to try something different?

11. Marshmallows and Milkshake

Marshmallows and Milkshake

This huge mug full of the flavored milkshake is topped with marshmallows! Or is it something else? Well, you can make it whatever you want using the right colors. This is a perfect coloring page if you want to try coloring in fine details.

12. Crying Marshmallow Cartoon

Crying Marshmallow Cartoon

This marshmallow cartoon coloring page is ADORABLE! The first marshmallow is crying, and the second is upset about something. Let’s see what we can do to make this drawing more lively.

Free Marshmallow Coloring Book PDF Download

A single coloring page is good, but you know what’s better? An entire coloring book! Yes, you can download this free marshmallow coloring book pdf to get the entire collection of amazing marshmallow drawings and illustrations in one go!

Marshmallow Coloring Pages

Marshmallows are simply delicious, and you cannot help but enjoy eating them. And we hope you have enjoyed drawing and coloring them with these marshmallow coloring pages. If not yet, then download these coloring sheets or books, and let your imagination fly!

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Happy Coloring!