Jewels Coloring Pages and Book (14 Printable PDFs)

If you leave your children alone with your jewelry, you will return to them loaded with all of the jewelry items. The unusual shapes and shine of jewels appeal to children. So, if you’re trying to introduce kids to jewels, this jewels coloring pages series is your savior!

This fantastic jewel illustration collection has 14 exciting, unique, simple, realistic jewel illustrations that will capture your children’s attention! So, let’s take a look at this exclusive jewel collection!

Best Printable Jewel Coloring Pages for Kids

1. Simple Jewels Coloring Page

Simple Jewels Coloring Page

Let’s start with some simple and dazzling jewels! This picture features a clean background and large areas for you to fill in! You may even color the background!

2. Shiny Jewels Drawing

Shiny Jewels Drawing

Jewels come in a variety of forms and sizes. Here are four unique jewels to put your coloring skills to the test.

For a 3-D look, fill all of the sections of a jewel with different shades of one color! Do you have any other techniques? Let’s see!

3. Earing Jewel Coloring Sheet

Earing Jewel Coloring Sheet

Look at this lovely jewel embedded in this lady’s earring! Isn’t it lovely? But let’s color it to make it shine!

Remember to leave a white stop in the center to give the diamonds a sparkling effect!

4. Jewel Ring Drawing

Jewel Ring Drawing

Can you count how many stones are in this ring? Let us try! And, while you’re at it, color each jewel one by one!

This complex gem coloring sheet will look fabulous when finished with some bright colors! So, what color would you like this ring to be?

5. Detailed Jewels Coloring Page

Detailed Jewels Coloring Page

Here are some more pricey crystal stones for you to color! So fill this stunning drawing with your favorite colors! And did you see the little oval shapes? Leave them white to make your jewels glow!

6. Jewel Flower Drawing

Jewel Flower Drawing

Take a look at this lovely flower made of heart-shaped jewels! This jewel coloring sheet needs a lot of work, but we know you can do it! So, gather your favorite colors and get started!

7. Diamond Coloring Page

Diamond Coloring Page

Diamond is one of the most expensive stones! But look how lovely they are! So let’s add color to these diamonds to make them more appealing!

You can use light blue, gray, and other light colors for this drawing! You may also use dark blue to make the stunning Blue Diamond!

8. Jewel Necklace Drawing for Kids

Jewel Necklace Drawing for Kids

Someone is wearing a lovely necklace pendant with a large round jewel! But is there something missing from this drawing? Colors, yes!

What colors would you pick for this big jewel necklace?

9. Jewels in a Box

Jewels in a Box

Another detailed jewel ring drawing for you! Look at the tiny jewels on the ring’s margins! Can you color them in?

You can do this with sharp colored pencils. Don’t forget to color the box and the other jewels!

10. Easy Jewels Drawing for Kids

Easy Jewels Drawing for Kids

This simple jewel drawing can help you relax a little! So just pick your favorite colors and color in these stunning jewels in comfort. You can even do this using watercolors or crayons!

11. Jewelry Box Coloring Sheet

Jewelry Box Coloring Sheet

This fashionable jewelry box contains jewels of various sizes and shapes. We can see some on the top and a couple in the drawers.

So, gather your coloring materials and color as many gems as you can! Don’t forget to paint the box!

12. Cartoon Jewel Coloring Page

Cartoon Jewel Coloring Page

Diamond is clearly the king of all jewel stones, and he is standing in front of you, guarding his jewel universe! But don’t worry! He’ll let you color this adorable jewel drawing! So, without further ado, let’s get started!

13. Jewel Necklace Drawing

Jewel Necklace Drawing

Nobody can resist this gorgeous necklace made of one-of-a-kind gems! We’re sure you can’t stop yourself from coloring it! So, what are you waiting for? Let’s color in your favorite colors!

14. Jewel Snowflake Drawing

Jewel Snowflake Drawing

Look at these lovely diamond snowflakes! Wouldn’t that look great as a necklace pendant? But let’s add some color to make them more gleaming and beautiful! Are your colors all set?

Get the Full Jewel Coloring Book PDF

These jewels coloring pages collection will be a hit with your kids! So, Instead of downloading individual coloring sheets, surprise them with the entire Jewel Coloring book for free!

Jewels Coloring Pages

So, here concludes our gleaming and bright journey through the Jewels coloring pages collection! We hope your kids had a good time with this fun activity. And if they did, you may treat them with more exciting illustrations, such as our Jeep Coloring Pages!