Eiffel Tower Coloring Pages for Kids (12 Printable PDFs)

Seeing the Eiffel tower is a dream for many people! The historical tower in France is well-known all over the world for its fascinating, thin silhouette, height, and stunning lighting at night!

These free printable Eiffel Tower coloring pages will offer a closer look at this iconic architecture! With 12 incredible Eiffel tower drawings, this collection is sure to be a hit with cultural children! Let’s take a look!

Latest Eiffel Tower Coloring Pages and Book PDF

1. Easy Eiffel Tower Coloring Page

Easy Eiffel Tower Coloring Page

Let’s begin this beautiful journey with an amazing, simple drawing of the Eiffel Tower seen from the streets of French cities. You can make this easy illustration as colorful as you like!

2. Realistic Eiffel Tower Coloring Page

Realistic Eiffel Tower Coloring Page

Let’s step up and color this highly detailed, realistic Eiffel Tower drawing with your favorite colors! You can pick the golden yellow, red, or light brown color for the tower, green for the trees, and blue or purple for the sky!

3. Detailed Eiffel Tower Drawing

Detailed Eiffel Tower Drawing

Here is another richly detailed Eiffel Tower coloring page with crisp features. You can use sharp colored pencils or pens to reach the tiny corners in the drawing! What do you think?

4. Cute Eiffel Tower Coloring Page

Cute Eiffel Tower Coloring Page

This simple, adorable illustration of a cartoon Eiffel Tower with a cat sitting on its top! This coloring page can be finished with vibrant colors like red, orange, pink, yellow, blue, black, etc. You can also draw some cute buildings in the back!

5. Eiffel Tower and Fireworks

Eiffel Tower and Fireworks

Wow! Doesn’t it look just perfect? Eiffel Tower among the fireworks in the sky! This drawing calls for all the bright colors you have in your bag! You can use dark blue or purple color for the sky and bright shades for the fireworks!

6. Eiffel Tower from City

Eiffel Tower from City

This is what the French people see from the shiny streets of Paris. But this drawing needs some touch-up, right? So, get ready with your colors and paint this Eiffel Tower with bright and realistic colors now!

7. Simple Eiffel Tower Drawing

Simple Eiffel Tower Drawing

A perfect, simple drawing of the Eiffel Tower for preschoolers. The wide areas and clean lines of this coloring page will let young kids scribble their colors freely!

8. Eiffel Tower Real Drawing

Eiffel Tower Real Drawing

Here is another realistic drawing of the iconic Eiffel Tower from the front! Looks fantastic, right? But it lacks colors! So, grab your coloring kit and turn this coloring page into a lovely artwork!

9. Adorable Eiffel Tower Cartoon 

Adorable Eiffel Tower Cartoon

This cute Eiffel Tower is posing for a photograph! So, let’s also add some bright and happy colors to it to make sure his photo is perfect! Which colors would you use?

10. Eiffel Tower in France

Eiffel Tower in France

This seems like a closer picture of the great Eiffel Tower. You can use light brown or light golden to color the tower.

Also, use dark brown to make the shadows under the platforms and white to add highlights on the edges. This will give a stunning 3-D impact to your artwork.

11. Eiffel Tower Illustration

Eiffel Tower Illustration

Here is a detailed drawing of the beautiful Eiffel Tower from a different perspective! You will need some good-quality colors to make this drawing shine the best! You could draw more trees or a cityscape on the left of the tower! So, are you ready?

12. Eiffel Tower Line Art

Eiffel Tower Line Art

If all those detailed drawings were overwhelming, here is a simple and sweet Eiffel Tower Coloring Page for you! There are no minor details here, so you just grab your favorite colors and paint this drawing comfortably!

Download the Full Eiffel Tower Coloring Book PDF

These incredible Eiffel Tower coloring sheets are going to leave your little kids wanting more drawings or a visit to Paris! So, surprise kids with the full, printable Eiffel Tower coloring book containing all 12 illustrations and let them have unlimited fun!

Eiffel Tower Coloring Pages

So, we hope your children enjoy exploring history more closely with these amazing Eiffel Tower coloring pages. But if they are interested in space or astronomy, our Rocketship, Spaceship, and Planets Coloring Book will be the perfect treat for them!